Pitt State has been selected for the International STEM Education Award. – Newstalk KZRG

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Pittsburgh, Kansas – Pittsburgh State University received the 2022-2023 STEM School of Excellence award yesterday from the International Association of Technology and Engineering Educators annual conference in Minneapolis.

The award recognizes the university’s collaborative commitment to STEM education.

This commitment is brought to life at Pitt State through collaborative events across campus, from innovative summer camps in the College of Technology, to math courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, to partnership with the College of Education.

“It is a great honor for the University to be recognized for years of hard work and dedication to teaching STEM principles,” said Professor Andy Klink, Interim Chair of Technology and Workforce Learning.

Accepting the award with Klink was Associate Professor Byron MacKay, who submitted the application and supporting documents for the award last fall.

“Receiving this award underscores the dedication and effort of our faculty, including Dr. McKay, who tirelessly strives to create a dynamic, hands-on learning environment for students,” said Klink.

He noted that Pitt State’s programs provide students with the technology expertise needed to navigate the ever-changing world of STEM, and the ability to solve future STEM problems and challenges.

“I am proud to be part of a university whose faculty and staff offer a plethora of STEM-focused programs and opportunities for their students and community,” McKay said. “It was relatively easy to show why Pitt State deserves recognition as a STEM school of excellence.”

Choosing which of the great examples I would use. From the partnerships we have built in industry and education to the diverse focus of our student groups and community outreach, I believe Pitt State stands as a wonderful example of a university that provides relevant and effective education to students in STEM fields.

A sign will be placed in the concourse next to the Technology and Engineering Education Lab at the Kansas Technology Center, home of Pitt State College of Technology.

“It was an amazing day to have a gorilla on stage yesterday,” Klinke said.