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While we wish it were closer to our region, we’re still thankful for news of more investment in manufacturing jobs here in Pennsylvania.

As the Associated Press reported in Thursday’s edition of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, EMD Electronics plans to expand a $300 million Schuylkill County plant that assembles materials for use in microchip production.

Once complete, industry leaders say the expansion will create the world’s largest facility of this type.

“This industry is huge and its growth potential is huge, and it is fundamental to our economy and national security,” he said. Governor Josh Shapiro said at a press conference announcing the expansion.

Credit goes to Shapiro, who has pledged government grants, and to the Biden administration, which has spearheaded efforts to invest in developing this segment of the industry on American shores.

An economy in which jobs are plentiful and diverse is central to ensuring prosperity for American families and providing Americans with the means to invest in and support their communities and countries.

In the past several years, our region has seen positive developments in manufacturing job creation and, unfortunately, some setbacks.

Hopefully, we can all find reassurance that there will be more positive developments to come in the expansion of high-tech manufacturing in the heart of Pennsylvania’s coal country.

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