Paris-Roubaix Femmes Update EF Education’s Allison Jackson emerged from an 18-rider breakaway to win Paris-Roubaix in a 6-runner sprint, leading the pack of favorites 12 seconds later by Lotte Kopecky.

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    Allison Jackson Wins Paris Roubaix

Allison Jackson wins Paris Roubaix

12.27 CET: The Paris-Roubaix Femmes kick off at 13.45 CET (12.45 UK). There will be live updates throughout by Peter Cossins. You can send a message to Peter Twitter With comments / notes. The race is scheduled to finish at 17.30 European time.

Let’s start with a look at our previews for today’s race, starting with our own detail A quick guide on how to watch Paris Roubaix live streamcovering both the women’s race and the men’s event on Sunday.

The Bäckstedt family is very interested in today’s race. Magnus Backstedt won Roubaix in 2004, while Elynor and Zoe will line up today, the first for Trek-Segafredo, and the last for Roubaix’s debut with EF Education-TIBCO-SVB at the age of 18. In an interview with Tom Davidsonshe said that it will be “full of emotions” at the beginning and that her goal is to finish.

Zoe Backstedt At The Starting Line For A Cycling Race

Zoe Backstedt at the starting line for a cycling race

One of the big stories during the week leading up to the Paris-Roubaix conference was Audrey Cordon-Ragot’s transfer to the Human Powered Health team, for which she’s making her debut today. Anne Marie Roque takes a look back at the past eight turbulent months On the march of the French hero

The riders pulled away from the neutral start in Dennen. There are two riders missing from the peloton. Maud Renbeck of AG Insurance-Soudal QuickStep is still feeling the effects of the crash at De Panne, while Mylène De Zoete of Ceratizit-WNT was sick all night.

140 km to go: The race starts with laps around Dennen, and its first attacks have already been made at 145.5 kilometres. Nothing stuck yet

Some interesting stats on L’Equipe This morning highlights one of the things that makes SD Worx stand apart from its competitors. In 2022, their team has 460 days of racing between them, 93 fewer than Trek-Segafredo, 107 fewer than DSM and 151 fewer than FDJ-Suez. The Dutch team puts a lot of emphasis on altitude training camps and carefully selects its racing program with a clear focus on the biggest events

Lotte Kopecky On The Gravel During The Sd Worx Roubaix Poll

Lotte Kopecky on the gravel during the SD Worx Roubaix poll

122km to go: Not yet done, the first 17 gravel sections from Horning to Indeneese, with 82.5km to go. It is a 4-star section in terms of difficulty (the 5 hardest) running for 3.7 kilometres.

Here is the full breakdown of those seventeen sections of gravel that appear in today’s gardens…

Roubaix Cobbled Sections

Roubaix cobbled sections

115 km to go: 18 riders went to recover before entering Saulzoir. Most of the big teams are represented, with Lisa Klein fronting for Trek-Segafredo, Femke Markus covering the move to SD Worx, and Britain’s Alice Towers right there at Canyon//Sram. The group also includes Eugenie Duval (FDJ-Suez), Danic Hengeveld (DSM), Marta Lasch (Ceratisit-WNT), Katja Ragusa (Life Racing Techfind), Laura Tomasi (UAE Team ADQ) and Josie Talbot (Cofidis). , Lisa Van Helvoort (Parkhotel Valkenburg), Julia Borgström (AG Insurance-Sodal Quick-Step), Allison Jackson (EF Education-Tepco-SVB), Marie-Morgan Le Duenve (Arcaia), Suzanne Andersen (Uno X), Amber Pat (Gaico AlUla), Jesse Vandenbulke (Human Health), Marion Porras (St. Michel Mavic Uber) and Marthe Troyn (Phoenix Deconnink).

105 km to go: He covered 42.7 km in the first hour. The breakaway group of 18 now leads in 5 minutes 40 seconds

100 km to go: Crash in the group. About 20 riders entered the race, all racing again, including Jumbo-Visma’s Linda Redman, who took some time to re-climb.

90 km to go: The first 17 sections are cobbled to the front. 18 riders are still in the leading group with a lead of more than 5 minutes on the peloton.

77 km to go: The gap is 5-10 as the peloton exits the first gravel section at Wandignies. British champion Alice Towers remains in the breakaway group. Trek-Segafredo sets the pace in the peloton.

74 kilometers to go: The first two sections were somewhat dry, particularly on the top of the gravel halfway point. There are still puddles on the edges where the dangers lurk. The peloton is currently back from 5 to 30 and needs to start reacting soon if it wants to get back in agreement with this big escape group that is cooperating so well.

A hole for Marianne Vos, whose team from Jumbo-Visma also missed the break.

67 km to go: After getting a gap in the second cobbled sector, DSM’s Daniek Hengeveld pushed his own through the third and has a 30-second lead over the rest of the breakaway.

63 km to go: Hengeveld still looks strong up front. Meanwhile, Marianne Vos got back to the back of the peloton with help from Coryn Labecki, only to be caught behind the split as Trek increased the pace at the front of the pack. The peloton trimmed the leader’s advantage to less than 5 minutes with 4 of the 17 cobbled sections completed.

51 kilometers to go: Hengeveld still looks comfortable up front, a clear 50sec coming through sector five, as Lotto Kopecky accelerates to the front. Almost immediately, there was a major crash in the peloton, with Trek’s Elynor Bäckstedt among those on the ground.

49 kilometers to go: Coming off this segment, Kopecky is in a group of 6 with Trek’s Elisa Longo Borghini and Lucinda Brand, Movistar’s Floortje Mackaij, DSM’s Pfeiffer Georgi and Canyon-SRAM’s Elise Chabbey. They are 3-30 behind Hengeveld.

47 km to go: Three more riders joined Kopecky’s group in the five-star gravel division at Mons-en-Pévèle: Franziska Koch (DSM), Chiara Consonni (UAE ADQ Team) and Romy Casper (AG Insurance-Soudal Quick-Step).

43.5 km to go: Hengeveld is swung by the 11 members of the breakaway group, who now lead the Kopecky/Longo Borghini group by 3 minutes.

39 kilometers to go: There are now 15 riders up front including Trek’s Lisa Klein, EF Education’s Allison Jackson and British Canyon Champion Alice Towers.

Elisa Longo Borghini loses control at the front of the chasing group, slipping and wiping out the entire group behind her, save for AG Insurance’s Romy Kasper. Longo Borghini’s Trek mate Lucinda Brand does a fearsome somersault on fallen riders and slams the deck.

Big crash!

31 kilometers to go: Kopecky and Balsamo are the two most notable victims of the plane crash. They were both dropped from the group they were in once they got back up again. Brand, Consone, her teammate Marta Bastianelli, Xabi and Georgie are in that group that connects with Casper’s return.

27 km to go: First sign of collapsing in the leading group of 15 as Liv’s Katia Ragusa accelerates. I quickly chased after it, heading into the eleventh gravel section. The Brand/Georgi chase group is located at 1-45.

21 kilometers to go: After an injection of pace by EF’s Allison Jackson, the front group split in half to move into the 4-star division at Camven-on-Biveville. The Brand/Georgi chasing group is at 1-20, with a group that includes Kopecky and the intransigent Vos.

17.5 km to go: The front group gets back together before the start of the dreaded Carrefour de l’Arbre section. Uno-X’s Susan Andersen accelerates it, with the Brand/Georgi combo now at 55 seconds.

13 km to go: Only seven in front of the Carrefour de l’Arbre: Jackson, Lach, Duval, Marcos, Ragusa, Troyn and Boras.

12 km to go: The Kopecky/Brand/Georgi/Vos/Longo Borghini group are now less than 20 seconds behind the leaders

7 kilometers to go: Allison Jackson gave it her all to keep the leading group away from the favourites, now at 10 seconds.

3 kilometers to go: The seven leaders still have 13 seconds to go

Allison Jackson wins Paris-Roubaix!

Track rider Marion Porras took the lead coming into the final turn, but couldn’t hold off Jackson’s finishing acceleration, as the Canadian finished ahead of Katja Ragusa and Marthe Troyn. SD Worx’s Fimke Markus crashed on the penultimate lap. Her teammate Lotte Kopecky led the pack behind her.

1. Allison Jackson (EF Education-Tibco-SVB)
2 – Katya Ragusa (Lif Racine Tkvind)
3 – Marth Troyn (Phoenix Deconninc)
4 – Eugenie Duval (FDJ – Suez)
5 – Marion Porras (St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93)

Paris Roubaix Top 10

1. Allison Jackson (Cannes) EF Education-Tepco-SVB 145.5km on 3-42-56
2. Katja Ragusa (Ita) Lev Racine Tkvind
3. Marth Troyn (Bell) Phoenix Deconnink
4. Eugenie Duval (Fra) FDJ-Suez
5. Marion Porras (Fra) St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93
6. Marta Lash (Pool) Seratizet – WNT, 3sec
7. Lotte Kopecky (Bel) SD Worx at 12 seconds
8. Georgie Pfeiffer (GBR) DSM Team
9. Chiara Consone (Ita) UAE ADQ Team
10. Marianne Voss (Hall) Jumbo-Visma

This was a great race, very much a classic. For a long time, it looked like the breakaway group would never get caught, and then steadily rolled, only to take the momentum out of chasing Elisa Longo Borghini’s sliding crash on the gravel. Even then, the chasers had almost lapped them, but much credit must go to Allison Jackson for leading it into the front of the break and then making the most of the opportunity she was largely responsible for creating by winning the race at the famous racecourse.