“Overworkers” are using ChatGPT to secretly work multiple full-time jobs

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April 19, 2023 | 4:56 p.m

As the alarmingly rapid rise of AI tools threatens to wipe out millions of jobs around the world, a small number of “unemployed” are taking advantage of tools like ChatGPT to secretly work multiple full-time jobs.

Generative AI, which is capable of producing content such as articles, blogs, poems, computing code, websites, artwork and even music that in some cases is indistinguishable from human work, has exploded rapidly over the past 12 months with programs like ChapGPT, Dall-E and Midjourney. They have taken the internet by storm.

Among the “unemployed” — a small online community of those quietly working multiple jobs, a trend that is starting to take off during COVID as more people work from home — the technology has been quickly embraced.

Talking to deputy newsa number of people with multiple jobs explained how ChatGPT allowed them to do more work, leaving their employers none the wiser.

An internet marketer nicknamed “Ben” said ChatGPT was “the only reason” he got his second job this year — he even used it to create cover letters for job applications.

Chatgpt Has Allowed A Small Community Of People To Work In Multiple Jobs Due To Its Ability To Quickly Execute Writing Tasks.

“ChatGPT is like 80 percent of my job if I’m being honest,” he said.

“I can just tell it to create a story [for an upcoming product release] And it just does it for me, based on the context you provided.”

Another marketer said he could “post a blog in 45 minutes now, instead of three hours – it’s crazy”.

One tech worker told the publication that ChatGPT allowed him to go from two to four jobs, but “five jobs is probably overkill.”

A university lecturer said that he secretly runs two companies on the side of his laptop while working. ChatGPT does 80% of the work such as business plans, blog posts, and Excel spreadsheets.

A worker, a software engineer named “Charles”, reveals that he was already making $500,000 from two jobs, had a net worth of $3 million, and was hoping to increase his salary to $800,000 with a third job.

On the Reddit forum “Overworked”users explained various ways technology has made it easier to get rid of their side hustle.

“It’s really good at putting together the skeleton of the program you want to write starting with just the general prompts… ChatGPT will give me a semi-broken program that I can look at and then start debugging in the same chat until it’s close to something I can test.” One programmer wrote: Saves a lot of time.”

Chatgpt Optimizes Job Responsibilities So That They Are Done In Minutes, Putting A Number Of Jobs At Risk In The Future.
Christopher Sadowsky

“Internet marketing here. I’m using it to write SEO-focused content. Also, paid campaigns are a snap. I just copy-paste the whole page’s content and ask for some rhyming titles. Throw some money for it and have a paid campaign,” said another.

“I’m used to ‘workshop’ content. Now I write better than my writers write, and my boss thinks I’m literally a genius (the word genius was used). Also, I’ve done a bunch of work already and just do the workload. He’s trying to promote me and make me manage the team.”

“This job used to be easy for me (marketing for over 10 years), but now it’s even easier.”

A third agreed, “ChatGPT is an indispensable tool for OE. It is an assistant that can help you write ideas, explain, write code, and search faster.

“This will make you faster and more efficient on your journey.”

300 million jobs are at risk

Last month, investment bank Goldman Sachs said generative AI represented a “major advance” and could replace the equivalent of 300 million Full time jobs around the world.

Goldman Sachs analysts warned their report This “major disruption” was on its way to the labor market, where it is estimated that two-thirds of jobs could become automated to at least some degree.

In the United States, “of those exposed occupations, most have a large — but partial — share of the workload (25-50%) that can be replaced,” the report states.

Goldman Sachs listed office administrative support, law, architecture and engineering, business and financial operations, management, sales, healthcare, and art and design as the sectors most at risk from automation.

Chatgpt Is Programmed To Generate Human-Like Responses, Eliminating The Need For Human Staff In Some Departments.
Getty Images

While AI could replace a large proportion of work tasks, it could also lead to new jobs and productivity booms, according to the report, which is expected to eventually increase global GDP by 7%.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has released a special paper Last month identifies the jobs most exposed to technology.

OpenAI researchers have found that mathematicians, writers, authors, PR specialists, journalists, news analysts, interpreters, accountants, and web designers are among the many professions with the highest exposure.

Most professions show some degree of exposure to an LLM [large language models]as higher-paying occupations generally offer more tasks with higher exposure,” the paper said.

“Our analysis indicates that approximately 19% of jobs have at least 50% of their tasks exposed to an LLM when considering both current model capabilities and projected LLM-powered programs.”

The researchers also listed 34 occupations that, unsurprisingly, face no risk from ChatGPT — stonemasons, waiters, masons, butchers, painters, and cooks are all safe.

“Artificial intelligence is replacing white-collar workers. I don’t think anyone can stop that,” Pengcheng shihe told The Post in January.

“This is not a weeping wolf.

“The wolf is at the door.”

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