One of my least favorite jobs: changing sprayer tires

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

I have many less favorite jobs. It often seems as if my least favorite job is all I’m working on at the moment!

Without a doubt, my least favorite job on the farm is shoveling spoiled grain. It never fails, no matter how careful you are, you get some stuff on you. It doesn’t matter how often you wash (or how strong your soap smells), that unpleasant odor never seems to go away. You might also plan to leave those shoes outside and out of the spin for a long time. Luckily, that wasn’t the work we had to do this week!

On Wednesday we headed to the store for another “not-so-favorite” job: changing tires on a sprayer. Like every year, we hoped for a dry spring where we wouldn’t have to put on float tires. Currently, we are five inches ahead of normal precipitation, year-to-date. Adding 50%-70% tire tread is important when it comes to getting to the ground for burnouts and early season applications.

There are at least two reasons why I don’t like this job. First, you’re dealing with heavy, awkward tires. second, sometimes things don’t go smoothly; We spent an hour on one wheel, spinning it one way, then turning it back the other, fiddling with a long rod, just trying to get it lined up and clamped.

The third and biggest reason is that there are no good places to go. We use a custom jack stand to be able to pick the machine up off the ground, and then it’s precariously mounted on three frames while you work under and around it.

This time, the swap went smoothly. We did the job in less than two hours. The buttons and wheels line up quite easily.

Because we bought more powerful cordless tools; No longer having to lug around a heavy, bulky one-inch air impact gun. Mission accomplished and when it dries up a bit, we’ll head to the fields!