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Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has some big goals for education in the Buckeye State, and he recently shared them with members of the Ohio School Boards Association, the Ohio Association of School Business Administrators and the Buckeye Association of School Administrators.

According to a report by the Ohio Capital Journal, DeWine’s hopes range from improving literacy and access to vocational technology schools to finally implementing the Fair School Funding Plan in full.

“I will continue, as long as I am conservative,” he said, “to … go forward and finish this job.”

But this schedule does not carry the sense of urgency that many believe is necessary to best serve our students. Many advocates would like to see the Fair School Funding Plan fully funded now. but there is a problem.

We still don’t have the financing formula that will give each region what it needs. Recalculation of student costs based on new studies and area-by-area data from Amar Saleem.

Gaps remain in getting struggling school districts what they need to educate and support students–and help the next generation take the leap that our communities need. If the Fair Schools funding plan is amended to include new accounts that properly fund all counties, DeWine and lawmakers must work to put full implementation on the fast track.

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