Ofcom looks into investigation into Channel 4’s ‘naked education’ – Variety

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Ofcom, the UK media regulator, is considering launching an investigation into ‘Naked Education’, a program on Channel 4 where teens confront naked adults in a classroom in the name of body positivity.

The show, produced by British production company Betty, was first broadcast on 4 April. Ofcom revealed yesterday that it had received 930 complaints about the show, the highest number of complaints for any British broadcaster in the past week.

The nature of the complaints has not been disclosed but Ofcom has been told diverse He weighs an investigation into the broadcast. “We are assessing complaints against our broadcasting rules, but have not yet decided whether or not to investigate,” a spokesperson said.

The show, which Betty describes as a “body-positive educational series aimed at normalizing all body types,” includes a segment in which a group of teens ages 14 to 16 sit in a classroom to discuss various aspects of the human body, including public hair and sexually transmitted diseases. and body image. Then they look at a group of adults who have a certain trait — such as body hair — who gather in the room and remove their robes as the teens look on.

The show was panned on social media, with critics calling it “perverted”. But Channel 4’s head of content, Ian Katz, defended the programme, tweeting: “Anyone suggesting that Channel 4’s ‘Naked Education’ program promotes child abuse or abuses children is almost certainly welcome.”

He continued, “The show counters the dangerous myths and toxic images that are bombarded with teens by exposing them to real, normal bodies and engaging them in an open and safe conversation about them.” “It would be hard to think of a clearer example of a valuable public broadcasting service that challenges the kind of misconceptions that often cause anxiety and a sense of inadequacy in young people.”

Betty and Channel 4 did not answer diverseComment request.