Newham Council will receive additional funding from the DLUHC Proptech Innovation Fund – Newham Council


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• £100,000 of funding will enhance Newham’s Resident Engagement Platform and improve digital citizen engagement in the planning process.

Newham Council will be awarded £100,000 from 15 local authority beneficiaries of a total of £3.2 million in funding in Round 3 of the PropTech Innovation Fund from the Department for Living Up, Homes and Communities.

This is the second time Newham has received funding from the DLUHC Proptech Innovation Fund, which was established in August 2021.

Last year, £125,000 of funding was received which supported the council to deliver a series of resident engagement activities through the Newham Partnership and Newham Resident Engagement and Consultation Forum to shape the vision for the new neighborhood and town center in Becton Riverside. Representation. The project is the largest redevelopment opportunity in the borough and has the potential to deliver up to 10,000 new homes alongside significant new public realm, public transport links and community facilities.

The third round of funding was provided in partnership with Citizen Lab, Newham’s resident engagement and advice service provider. As well as supporting digital resident engagement, the fund will also seek to improve the usability of Newham’s co-innovation, which will enable the mapping of the platform. This gives residents access to rich mapping functionality, fosters more collaborative ways of working and allows planning officers to combine powerful mapping and spatial analysis technology with vivid engagement tools.

Over the next 12-18 months, the council will work with DLUHC and the proptech industry to improve the visualization and processing of consultation data, expanding the use of Newham Co-Create to ensure the platform is compatible with each other.

The technical goal will be to improve Newham’s Collaborative Mapping process through ESRI integration and explore the feasibility of developing a joint solution that other councils can adopt. The project aims to understand what map layers and data are used at ESRI and integrate ESRI’s map layers into Newham Co-create, enabling residents to access more advanced technology in a participatory process.

For more information, please visit Create a Newham Community website.

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