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aMy Lentz Liberati, Head of Human Resources at a global company, is one of TikTok’s top job search experts. Her videos are posted under the name “Hack your HRGiving viewers insight into best practices when searching, applying for, and interviewing for a job—they’ve garnered nearly 3 million views.

But one of her biggest tips for job seekers involves getting to grips with your current employer before you start looking elsewhere. “I think a lot of what people want in their jobs is on the other end of a typically difficult conversation with their boss or someone in human resources,” she told TIME.

hashtag #Search for jobs He has more than 2 billion views on TikTok. Liberati, who managed to get her page to more than 80,000 followers in less than three months, says her most successful performance content is for viewers who are frustrated with the work process when they don’t hear back and are looking to stand out against countless other applicants.

This comes at a time when layoffs are rampant Industries such as technology and media Many workers are looking for work elsewhere. More than 95% of the nearly 1,000 workers surveyed were looking for a new job in 2023, According to a survey earlier this year from Monster. The overall job market in the US remains strong, with an unemployment rate of 3.5%, but recent numbers show that hiring is starting to slow, meaning some workers may start to have more difficulty finding a job.

“I have a lot of information that I know is useful,” says Liberati, who is based in Los Angeles. “The trend on TikTok is not to be a gatekeeper.” TikTok creators forever converged “Gate Protection” Helpful information for each other is no exception in the posts section of TikTok. It’s full of applicants eager to ask your job search questions, and outspoken professionals like Liberati are willing to give them the answers.

before you start looking for a new job

Liberati’s advice before you decide to apply for other jobs is to first ask yourself why you want to leave your current employer. “If the root of your search for a new job is in your job description, title, or salary, you should ask your human resources department to revise your job description so that it reflects your current responsibilities and responsibilities. If you love your company, this could be your unlock, rather than Who left the company. This is a very reasonable question.

If standing up for yourself doesn’t work, or you’re fundamentally dissatisfied with your manager or the company, be open to applying elsewhere. But be prepared to strategize how you will differentiate yourself from the crowd of applications that you will be competing with during your job search.

How do you stand out

Your application may be excellent, but you need to get the company to see it first. A strong approach to excellence is the message drive of the recruiter. Liberati suggests that you go to the company’s LinkedIn page and search for individuals you are likely to work with. For example, if you are applying for a marketing job, you can search for marketing titles under the People section of LinkedIn.

When sending a letter to an executive, manager, or recruiter, keep it short and elegant to differentiate yourself from the flood of sales-like letters most recruiters receive. Liberati recommends that you do not send a very professional 20-line explanation of why you want the position. Instead, send a casual, bulk message that feels like emailing a friend to a friend.

“Imagine the CEO might load the dishwasher that night. That might help tone the message,” Liberati says. If you’re laconic and elegant, “you can stand out in a couple of sentences,” she says.

An effective cold DM might include brief feelings about who you are, what you do, what you are passionate about, and what excites you most about the open position. You can end your letter with a direct question like, “Can you connect me with the right person for this position?”

Instead of starting with “To Whom It May Concern,” try “Hi, good morning!” Instead of ending with, “Best regards,” try, “Hope to hear from you soon.”

In general, the best way to get rid of the usual company text is to try to write the way you might speak, Liberati says.

What’s behind TikTok?

TikTokers offers functional help that goes beyond the app itself. Liberati offers its fans on TikTok a Google Drive A free resource that answers questions like “How do you ask for feedback at work?” or “How do you leave your job like a professional, but still make a positive impression?” another user who posts about her personal journey in finding a job, she began offering “Job Search Accountability GroupWhere the group will meet “to edit resumes, send applications, or other job-related goals.”

Liberati says viewers are eager to take advantage of these online resources. “From just posting two videos, I got 11,000 people wanting access to my ride in less than a week,” she says. “I am an anonymous, informal person who is knowledgeable about online HR and can provide them with candid feedback that they can use in their daily working lives.”

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