NALA Paralegal Jobs Report: Get Paid!

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

What’s New at NALA in 2023. Start getting excited about the 2023 NALA Conference with Vanessa Finlay, CEO of NALA. This time in Boston in July. You don’t want to miss it. With 30 tutoring sessions, you can earn CLE credits in three ways to attend: the full in-person experience; a personal/virtual hybrid package; And a one-day pass in person. Early bird specials are available through May 12th.

NALA in 2023 is also offering a CP (Certified Paralegal) exam review track that covers every section of the exam – including the writing section. (Psst, co-host Tony Seib is auditioning and will participate!)

A new NALA Compensation Survey Report has been released. These are good times for paralegal professionals, we are in demand. The profession is growing by about 12% and salaries are rising. Log into your NALA account and see if you’re getting the pay you deserve after the COVID pandemic has rocked things across the profession.

Plus the new NALA YouTube channel. Watch what you’ve been missing and subscribe today to get the latest videos. Advocacy, information and society. NALA works with paralegals. “Be in the moment, be aware, and be NALA.”

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