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To the editor:

Why the court system “smooth” on killers?

Why are legal games played with murderers via plea bargains? The killers on videotape commit murders, and then claim in court “not guilty” Whereas the judges only sentence them to a few years in prison, then parole, or life but only serve less than 20 years, not life, and then let them kill again. The jury did their job to convict them. Do your job, judges, to make the public square a safer place for all.

The killers ignored the victims’ pleas to save their lives, but no mercy was shown to them as they killed execution style or stabbed the victims who were killed dozens of times to more than 100 times as in many cases!

Only killers deserve to die. They took a precious life, and now they must lose their lives in exchange for their evil deeds.

Be tough on murderers of all ages and maybe the murder rate in the United States will finally go down.

Also, remove all assault weapons from the audience to stop killing spells. These weapons belong to the military only.

Emotional, unstable people under a doctor’s care who buy assault weapons, commit mass murder, and shock everyone? Protect the innocent and the sane at work, school or play by placing unstable evil in hospitals 24/7.

Show no mercy to killers, America.

Karen L. Ketner

sleepy eye

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