Local education officials hope to model a community school education

Goff Justice announces a $20 million expansion of nursing education programs

John Sais kicks off every Friday morning with a dance party.

As the students arrive at El Dorado Community School on Fridays, Sais, the school’s principal, welcomes them with shakes, touches, jumps, and conga lines.

It’s part of Sayce’s personal campaign to make sure his staff and nearly 400 students want to go to school every day. In addition to the Friday morning fun, the crusade includes positive referrals to the principal’s office, calling home on a student’s birthday or the day they lose a tooth—to give the tooth fairy a heads up, of course—and all kinds of rewards and prizes for students.

What is a community school?

Priority for community schools since 2019

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Funding and planning barriers to implementation at the state level