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Lisbon School Board President TK Hiscox, David Anderson, congratulates senior high school teacher, Natalie Fantelberg, on being selected as CORAS Distinguished Middle School Teacher of the Year. (Photo by Mary Ann Greer)

LISBON – The Lisbon School Board approved a new three-year contract with the teachers’ union this week that includes a pay increase of 2 1/2 percent each year.

“We couldn’t be happier collectively,” Will break it off, said moderator Joe.

In his report to the board, he said the negotiation process was enjoyable, adding that members of the Lisbon Education Association negotiation team understand the limitations of a small school. He said they want the best for the staff and students.

said Steve Hallody, LEA President “It’s all about what’s best for the kids,” Saying they felt they got the best for themselves, the district and the board. The union has 61 teachers, but is growing to 64 due to the special education program becoming part of the district.

A written statement read at the last school board meeting and signed by the union negotiation team, including Halody, thanked the school board for the positive experience and more positive cooperation in the future.

“Being new to the negotiation process, our team was unfamiliar with the full process involved, but every step of working together proved to be a beneficial learning experience. What we were aware of was flexibility, professional knowledge, and your willingness to meet and work collaboratively. It was the goal of the Lisbon Council The learning curve of ensuring continued success for both staff and students is evident throughout the process.” The statement said.

The contract becomes effective July 1 and runs through June 30, 2026.

“Lisbon clearly has a special talent in its community. The pride and talent evident within our district, and the strength of the Lisbon Exempt Village Schools,” The statement said.

The board also approved the classified salary scale for the 2023-2026 school years, with Siefke noting that classified employees, such as bus drivers, custodial secretaries, cafeteria and secretarial workers, do not have a union, so the board usually gives them the same pay raise as teachers. The new payroll includes wage increases of 2 1/2 percent for each year.

Near the start of the meeting, the School Board recognized David Anderson Jr. Senior High School teacher, Natalie Fantelberg, as the CORAS Outstanding Middle School Teacher of the Year. CORAS stands for Coalition of Rural Appalachian Schools. Vantilburg is in her fourth year with the Lisbon Schools and her eighth year with education.

Siefke read what was written about Vantilburg for her candidacy, in which it was stated “Ms. Vantilburg is a specialist teacher who oversees the workload of 11 students on IEPs. In addition, she is chair of the DAHS PBIS Committee and works in building the leadership team.”

Fantellburgh, who was accompanied by her husband, Anthony, was presented with a commemorative plaque by school board president T.J. K. Hiscox during the meeting, with congratulations from all board members and administrators.

The Board has also approved the retirement of Administrative Assistant to Superintendent Patricia Smith, effective July 31. Siefke said she will be sorely missed because of her experience and connections.

The board then agreed to replace her, and reassigned Sally Brammer from high school secretary to administrative assistant to superintendent effective August 1. .

In other personnel matters, the Board issued confidential, limited one-year contracts to preschool assistants Lynsey Peterson and Katina Wallace; Limited two-year contracts were approved for educational assistants Deborah Ford and Victoria Pearson, cafeteria workers Judy Graham and Deonna Lange, guardians David Haute, Daniel Hellman, Brian Luther, Adali Moore and Jordan Taylor, and bus drivers Bruce K. Lake, Matthew Phillips, Glenna Ryder and Secretary Lisa McCoy; She accepted the resignations of Grade 6-12 Art Coach Elana Brownfield and Grade 5 English teacher Kelly House, thanking them and wishing them well; He accepted Jeffrey Carnes as a replacement point guard; and Certified Seasonal Guardians for $12 an hour, no more than 25 hours per week, Valerie Hochman, Diona Lange, and Angela Smith.

The Board approved a proposal by Youngstown Painting and Decorating LLC for $5,450 to paint the bathrooms and auditorium lobby at David Anderson Jr/Sr High School; Holloway Insurance Agency has agreed to provide student accident insurance for the 2023-2024 academic year and has contracted Hayes Lawn Care, Lisbon, for lawn mowing services in the area. Lease agreement with Ricoh USA for copiers for three buildings for a period of five years.

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