Layoffs affect your physical and mental health. Here’s how to cope.

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There are few things in life as stressful as losing a job.

Most workers may not be ready for this, given that the national unemployment rate stands by 3.5%, Lowest since 1969. Philadelphia recovered 83% of jobs lost during the epidemic. In 2024, employers have added 4.5 million jobs.

after approx 60% are economists It expects a recession in 2023, and many companies are already cutting back their workforce. Conshohocken-based David’s Bridal announced that it is laying off more than 9,000 workers, which will affect 15 locations, including six in the Philadelphia suburbs.

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Layoffs are often sudden – at least for those who have lost their jobs – and can have a significant impact on your physical and emotional health:

Fortunately, there are a variety of ways people can deal more effectively with the health effects of job loss:

Organize Your time

The days that used to be full of tasks and goals from 9 to 5 can suddenly feel very empty.

Set and follow a schedule to reduce boredom and the tendency to spend hours thinking about the painful aspects of loss. Schedule goals for self-care and communication between jobs and daily chores.

Ask for support

Don’t be afraid to ask for and accept help from family, friends, or former co-workers. Finding a therapist to talk to during this time can provide a valuable additional sounding board and outlet for your feelings.

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Look for opportunities to feel good

It’s common to experience negative thoughts and feelings after losing a job, which is why self-care should be a priority if you become unemployed. Self-care includes any activity that you find enjoyable, such as listening to music, reading, taking a walk, or making art.

Reshape your career path

After the initial period of trauma, an unexpected layoff can become an opportunity to take stock of your core values, take inventory of your strengths, reprioritize what matters most, and create a more satisfying design for work and life. Journaling for 10 to 15 minutes each day can help you build a roadmap of strengths and values ​​that generate renewed purpose and meaning.

Remember that staying healthy depends on regulating negative emotions, finding sources of support, creating opportunities to feel good, reflecting on values ​​and goals, and nurturing strengths. One step forward in any of these areas can give hope and prevent you from remaining stuck.

Scott Glassman is the director MA in Applied Positive Psychology Program in pcom.

Michael Hall is a student in the Master of Applied Positive Psychology program at PCOM.