LaRussell isn’t afraid of AI taking rapper jobs amidst the UMG block

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18



Music doesn’t scare me AI 🤖 …

I offer the real deal!!!

Larsel He has no fear of AI rap recordings blocking his brilliance amidst hack season…and that’s because he’s confident that AI can’t recreate the human experience!!!

TMZ Hip Hop He met the Oakland rapper on the set of his music video collaboration with “Hell of a Feeling” Simba … which confirmed to us why both hip-hop culture and the Bay Area need the track.

The idea of ​​artificial intelligence made LaRussell LOL when we gauged his thoughts on the industry’s heated debate topic…and it turns out he has NO qualms, despite major signs putting up roadblocks!!!

Universal Music Group recently They sent demands To Spotify, Apple Music, and all the top streaming services to stop AI companies from crawling their platforms…and Drake He was Nothing so pleased Hearing his voice with AI simulates rapping Ice SpiceHit “Munch”.

The Universal Music Group has asked streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple, to prevent AI services from scraping melodies and lyrics from copyrighted songs.

– Financial Times (@FinancialTimes) April 12, 2023

LaRussell makes his bread as a freelance artist and believes that AI can only increase his cash flow if used properly.

However, it’s not 100% sold, which is why he always plans to have at least one person supervising the operation.