Jewish group resists UFT in private education funding row

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April 17, 2023 | 8:52 p.m

Resist the Orthodox Union with the Union of Teachers Buy a six-figure ad He urged the city council to agree to offer religious schools and other private schools for up to two years, interest-free loans—despite UFT’s strong objection.

The ads will be posted on Facebook and YouTube and targeted to other websites in the precincts of most city councilors, including Speaker Adrienne Adams.

The bill, introduced by Brooklyn Councilman Justin Brannan, aims to help yeshivas, other non-public schools, and parents who complain about long delays in obtaining tuition reimbursement from the city’s Department of Education to provide special services.

“Finally, there is relief on the horizon for a problem that has plagued our education system for many years. It is unacceptable that bureaucratic delays impede the ability of schools to serve students with disabilities,” said Sidney Altfeld, executive director of Teach NYS, a project of the Orthodox Union.

“With this first round of announcements, we are calling on Council members to take action. Supporting this bill will be a major step in breaking the deadlock and giving every New York student the opportunity to thrive. Thank you, Councilman Brannan for leading this fight, and now let’s make it a reality this year.” .

Federal law requires that the government cover the cost of private education in private schools or settings if public schools cannot meet the needs of students with learning or physical disabilities, such as dyslexia or speech impediments.

The city and other school districts have been hit with lawsuits from parents who accuse them of failing to provide mandatory services to students with mental and physical disabilities.

Governor Hochul Is Proposing To Raise The Provincial Cap To Open More Charter Schools In New York City.
Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

There are about 200,000 students with special needs in the city.

“Unfortunately, our public school system leaves many of them behind,” says one ad. Under federal law, if a city cannot offer a free, appropriate education, parents have the right to place their children in charter schools. But only 8% of students with learning disabilities participate in the program.

“The current system is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Bureaucratic delays are forcing many hardworking parents to simply give up.”

The ads say the interest-free bridge loans outlined by Brannan’s bill will ensure that special education students’ needs are met and tuition is paid on time “at no additional cost to parents or taxpayers.”

Federal Law Requires The Government To Cover The Cost Of Private Education In Private Schools Or Places If Public Schools Cannot Meet The Needs Of Students With Learning Or Physical Disabilities.
Stephen Yang

It will cut red tape and help working families. Now let’s make it a reality. Tell your councilor and Mayor Adams to endorse this bill. It’s time to give all children with special needs the education they deserve,” says the narrator.

The United Federation of Educators — which is fighting Gov. Hochul’s proposal to raise the regional cap on opening more charter schools in New York City — recently opposed the loan bill, surprising supporters and jeopardizing its chances of passing on the union-friendly council. .

“The bill is on the face of it unnecessary and irrational. Instead of fixing the systems by which the Department of Energy pays its vendors, the bill identifies a specific group of vendors, and requires the Department of Energy to pay them with one hand and then collect the same money again as a loan payment with the other,” he said. Dissenting note.

“The Department of Energy should reform its operations rather than add another program to its management pile.”

A spokesman for the mayor said the energy department and city council are reviewing the bill.

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