Japan could begin releasing water from the controversial Fukushima plant next month.


United Nations monitor Japan’s controversial plan b Start releasing treated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant next month. As Nikkei put it in its report, “The water is still radioactive because radioactive tritium cannot be removed with existing technology”. From the report: According to the IAEA report, the Japanese water discharge project meets the safety requirements. In January, the Japanese government gave the target date for the ocean evacuation as “spring to winter 2023.” Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said this week that “there is no change in this policy.” The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will inform local officials and others on Wednesday about the availability of treated water in Fukushima Prefecture. Grossi also participates.

Tokyo Electric Power Holdings (Tepco), the operator of the affected plant, uses an Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) and other equipment to reduce radioactive elements in contaminated water at a national level. However, radioactive tritium cannot be removed with current technology, and purified water is still stored in tanks at the plant site. TEPCO plans to dilute the treated water with large amounts of seawater to reduce the tritium concentration to less than 1/40th of the national safety level before it is released into the sea.

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