Jackson Water employees could lose their jobs in the coming weeks

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JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) — Some workers in the city of Jackson have expressed concerns after receiving word that they will be laid off in the coming weeks.

Workers gathered at a water maintenance and distribution site in Jackson Friday morning, looking for answers about what will happen in the next two weeks.

The US Department of Justice has appointed Ted Hanifen as head of the Third Party Administration in 2024 to assist the City of Jackson with its water crisis.

The employees said they contacted the city after they were told the new company would take over and terminate all existing employees. Superintendent Jerry Scott said they just wanted answers.

“I know it’s hard, I think, on everyone, but they were wrong in what they did to us and my crew and my actors. I know all of our families. Just a lot of the guys on my crew have so much time, like 26, 27, and now they’re being kicked out the door for Nothing. You know, and it’s wrong, so you just want them to try to straighten things out the best way they can,” Scott stated.

Existing City of Jackson employees are scheduled to meet with the third party on Monday, April 24.