iPhone 15 Ultra: Apple’s Steve Jobs era ends forever with a ridiculous microchip for an unlimited battery

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There is a mall in Apple. Of course, this is bad news for Tim Cook & Co, but it’s a real treat for impatient iPhone users who are looking forward to the upcoming iPhone 15!

We can’t say that often, but the leaks discussed in this story really shouldn’t be taken with a grain of salt (he says The anonymous leaker), which means that all information about the iPhone 15 Pro, Ultra, modern button technology, and brand new is likely to be “100% accurate” (of course, nothing is set in stone until September 2023). The anonymous leaker is the same one who told us About how Dynamic Island works on the iPhone 14 Pro, 2-3 weeks before Apple’s 2024 flagship is released. This time, we got a big leak about the new buttons on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra, six months before the official launch of the new flagship!

  • Apple replaces the entire button system of the current iPhone 14 Pro with 3D Touch technology
  • Apple has been killing the Ring/Silent switch on the upper left side of iPhones since the very original iPhone (2007)
  • Tim Cook & Co is likely to prepare some new button surprises for the iPhone 15 Ultra, which could (theoretically) have unlimited use case scenarios.

So, let’s talk about what might be the biggest change in how we use the iPhone since Face ID (2017), and why the iPhone 15 Pro’s buttons might have superpowers! Oh, and by the way, as of now, we’re not expecting the new buttons to make it to vanilla iPhone 15 models.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra put the end of the Apple era in the era of Steve Jobs! Tim Cook & Co killed off the Ring/Mute switch that debuted on the original iPhone in 2007 to make room for something special

First things first, its now 99.99% sure. Apple decided — the Ring/Silent switch button (aka Mute switch) that’s been on iPhones since the beginning… The Ring switch falls victim to Apple’s goal at the end of the game for a button-less, port-less iPhone. After getting rid of the headphone jack and SIM tray, it’s now time to start with the Ring switch and buttons to make room for something a little more sophisticated. But the great news coming from the massive information leak is that removing the mute switch may actually be one of the best and most innovative iPhone upgrades since Face ID (2017).
And I don’t mean to “show off” but I have to say I saw this coming. here a Link to my first story about the new iPhone 15 Pro buttons from exactly two months ago (as of writing this story). Then, I predicted that the new “fake buttons” would unlock next level functionality, and now it looks like I might have been right!

The new action button on the iPhone 15 Pro will be everything everywhere at once: a back tap, mute key, Siri, camera button, and more.

Well, if the mute switch is working away, is there something to replace it with? The answer is the new “Action Button”.

The concept of an “action button” isn’t exactly new to Apple, as a similar button first appeared in Apple Apple Watch Ultra last year. However, on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Ultra, it is expected that the action button will also replace / become a replacement for another (almost not so common) feature – Back Tap.

In case you didn’t know, you can tap the back of your iPhone – around the Apple logo (model specific) to perform more than 20 different tasks such as launching the Camera app, calling up Control Center, lock screen, Lock Rotation, mute and access portability. access, take a screenshot, and more.

Since the action button will be able to sense pressing, it is pretty much certain that you will also be able to press it to perform more actions. Really, the sky’s the limit here, and it’s all up to Apple to decide which features can be enabled via software. In this line of thought, “magic button” It’s possible that another name would be appropriate for this new button (the name is currently unconfirmed, but as far as Apple knows, there will be one).

A special microprocessor in the Magic Buttons in iPhone 15 Pro to make sure your iPhone “never runs out of battery”?

Now, the functionality of the recent iPhone 15 Pro buttons does not stop here, as the anonymous leaker tells us (again, with absolute certainty, according to them) that the new pressure-sensitive buttons will be powered by their own microprocessor (similar to the one in the AirPods). This applies to both the action button and the new volume buttons.

The great benefit of switching to this microprocessor should greatly improve power consumption during times of downtime. The new buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro will take over this “life-saving” function thanks to their microprocessors that will manage contactless transactions, UWB connections and Bluetooth regardless of whether your iPhone is on or off … Now, technically, Apple We don’t (at least in terms of this leak) offer anything completely new here – at least in terms of functionality. Existing iPhones can already perform some important functions even when they are dead. One of them (perhaps the most important is Find My, which allows your dead iPhone to stay connected to Apple’s Find My network so you can … find it, should it ever go missing.

The “problem” is that this functionality is only available for a certain amount of time after your iPhone dies, as mentioned by the Apple engineer above (they don’t specify how long). Now, with the new solid-state buttons running on the microprocessor, Apple will be able to give the iPhone an even longer “second life.”

For example, right now, I’m sitting in a coffee shop where I work from time to time, and somehow (exactly on the day I’m working on the iPhone 15 Pro button story), I forgot to charge the iPhone 13 mini. I don’t usually carry cash or cards when I’m in town, and rely solely on Apple Pay for transactions, which means… I can’t pay for my coffee (I’m told I can next time I’m here; God bless Cafe Hope).

The leak also summarizes what the microprocessor in the iPhone 15 Pro’s buttons will do while on or off…

During operation:

  • Volume and power buttons work capacitively

During shutdown:

  • Volume and power buttons work capacitively
  • NFC, LE Bluetooth, LE-UW chips, etc
  • maybe; Click engine feedback

When the battery is discharged:

  • Volume and power buttons work capacitively
  • NFC, LE Bluetooth, LE-UW chips, etc
  • Apple Pay Express Card
The new pressure-sensitive buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro are Apple’s “Dynamic Island” for 2023
So, in short, Apple is rebuilding the way the iPhone’s buttons work, and while doing so it’s expected to add a whole world’s worth of new functionality to the iPhone 15 Pro series. It doesn’t happen often, but I think, for once, we can all agree that Cupertino is pushing the envelope here.

I expect the new “buttons” on the iPhone 15 Pro to be the “dynamic island” of Apple’s 2023 event in September, with the difference that the new buttons may provide quite a bit of real functionality/usability to the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra. Then again, “innovation” is a relative term – some find Dynamic Island to be innovative also.

Again, such a change in how a smartphone works doesn’t happen often — whether we’re talking about iPhone or Android, so I’m really excited to see what Cupertino has in mind, and I expect surprises. Like I said on my own The initial story is about the new buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro, and I’m still dreaming of a two-stage camera shutter key, and it looks like the new “Action” or “Magic” button (as I like to call it), is able to give us that.

Tim please? Tim… please? seriously. Come here.