iOS 17 may be a bigger release than originally expected.


Earlier rumors pointed to a minor iOS 17 update later this year. Now this version seems to be containing many new features and changes.

Today, it’s relatively common for Apple hardware to leak months before the official announcement. However, it’s a different story in the software department. We won’t learn much about any major OS updates coming before WWDC. This year was no different, for the most part, at least. While listening iOS 17 It could be a minor update due to Apple’s focus on the headset, we didn’t know exactly what it was. New iPhone Software updates will be about everything. Now, according to a new report, it looks like iOS 17 will be released sooner than we first expected.

Based on Bloomberg Twitter Mark Gurman, iOS 17 can no longer focus mainly on bug fixes and stability improvements. Instead, Apple is said to be introducing several highly requested ones. Good – to have Features based on user feedback. While the tweet doesn’t mention what these additions are, we can assume they’re features that Android already offers. After all, many users miss iOS when they switch from Android OS. Bringing the iPhone OS to Google makes it easier for undecided customers to choose an Apple smartphone.

We expect to see the iOS 17 preview as well. macOS 14Like WWDC23 in June. We also expect the company to seed the first developer beta for these operating systems, followed by a stable launch for the public in the fall. It remains to be seen whether the Mac OS will also bring interesting changes to the table.

What’s your feature wish list for iOS 17? Let us know in the comments section below.

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