Incredible Careers WWE Superstars Had Before They Became Famous

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WWE Superstars are some of the most popular characters with fans all over the world. As the pinnacle of sports entertainment, this show is home to some of the biggest wrestling names in the world. Some of the stars of the promotion are so popular that they are household names in different countries.

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However, before performing amazing stunts and getting involved in great stories, most of these stars did some less amazing work to make ends meet. These WWE Superstars had to pay their dues and work their way up from the bottom.

Even the superstars who headlined WrestleMania had regular life functions. Watch the video above to see what these stars did before they headlined The Immortals Gallery.

These WWE WrestleMania superstars once took on regular jobs to make ends meet

The five names we picked for the video list above are:

  • Roman Reigns was a furniture fitter
  • Kevin Owens worked at a gas station
  • Becky Lynch was a flight attendant
  • Brock Lesnar worked on his parents’ farm
  • John Cena worked as a limousine driver

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