Idaho promotes freedom of education

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Boise, Idaho — Idaho parents have more school choice options at the top of a long list of Idaho education alternatives after Governor Brad Little signed Senate Bill 1125 in law this week.

Senate Bill 1125 allows parents to send their children to any public school in Idaho no matter where they live. Current law limits parents’ ability to choose the best public school for their child, and Senate Bill 1125 updates the law to give parents more choices in public education.

“Idaho parents are already benefiting from an abundance of school choice options, and this new law expands their ability to choose the best public school for their children, regardless of their zip code,” said Governor Little. “Idaho is all about school choice choices that make sense for our state, and Senate Bill 1125 fits perfectly with our responsible, transparent, and accountable approach to expanding school choice.”

The bill received unanimous support in the Idaho Senate and near-unanimous support in the Idaho House of Representatives. Sens. Kevin Cook and Dave Lint were lawmakers in support of the bill.

“The Senate’s passage of Bill 1125 also demonstrates that parents know what is best for their children’s educational experience.” Senator Kevin Cook He said. “I was proud to support responsible school choice legislation that keeps parents in the driving seat of their children’s education.”

Senate Bill 1125 adds another option for parents and students to find the right one for their educational needs. Senator Dave Lint He said.

Governor Little noted the abundance of school choice options available to Idaho families, including:

  • Idaho ranks third in the nation for education freedom—measures that include spending, school choice, transparency, and regulations
  • with Nine different types of schools Available to Idaho Families – Including traditional public schools, charter public schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online academies, homeschooling, and more – there are hundreds of education options available to Idaho families
  • With Senate passage of Bill 1125, Idaho now leads the country with the fewest restrictions on allowing parents to send their children to any public school they wish.
  • Idaho is in the top 10 states for enrollment in charter public schools
  • Idaho led the country in stand-in Parent Empowerment Scholarship Program To provide access to approved educational resources outside the classroom. Public and private families and home schools are eligible for grants.

“I appreciate my partners in the legislature from both sides of the political aisle for their commitment to expanding responsible school choice options for Idaho families.” said Governor Little.

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