“I like to tell you that I’m joking.”

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

Tik Tok continue to expose The sad state of the labor market. Candid videos from those affected show how difficult, lengthy and frustrating the hiring process can be.

In a recent videoa TikToker his name is peter (@employee) admits some of his own frustrations, revealing that he’s applied for 557 positions since July 27, 2024. Despite all that time and effort, he’s only heard from about 25% of companies. Unfortunately, none of these interactions actually lead to jobs.

“I should tell you I’m joking,” Peter said, scrolling down a long list of jobs he’d applied to on his computer.

It is unclear exactly how many interviews Peter gave. However, he has stated that two companies put him through the interview process only to end up shadowing him.

Meanwhile, TikToker has apparently done everything it can think of to change its current situation.

“I apply to jobs both in and outside my area of ​​expertise,” he says. “I’ve done my entire cover letter, changed my resume, I’m applying to big companies and small companies, even had a look at my resume, redrafted it for me and told me how to ‘get around the system’.”

“I tried to actually get into the buildings, which the building managers turned me away and said, ‘No, email it,'” he recalls.

However, here it is – still at square one.

“No more posts, it’s time to be a pine tree on a high mountain,” TikToker wrote in his next comment.

In the comments, many people can relate deeply to what Peter is going through.

“I was there,” said someone sympathetically.

“I’m in the same boat,” another person added.

Another person said, “I hate shadows.” “It’s not hard to copy and paste a ‘Sorry we already found someone’ message/email.”

Others tell him they have sent more requests than Peter has and are facing the same kind of silent refusal.

“Beginner’s numbers,” someone joked.

“I’ve applied to 700 since January 1 of this year,” said another.

“I stopped trying at 1,200,” added another defeated job seeker.

Several people have said that this might be the field he works in since many fields are saturated with applicants at the moment. Others pointed out that “the problem is that both the unemployed and the employed are applying” and that the demand for remote jobs is high.

One person insisted that the “key” to getting a job now is referrals and networking.

They added, “I’ve noticed that most of my friends get jobs through people they know.”

Another TikToker said candidly, “I love how these comments will go to any lengths to not just say the job system is broken and companies don’t do a good job at all at hiring.”

That may certainly be true. In another video, Peter also points out that some companies have been exposed for creating fake job postings they never planned to fill – causing job seekers like him to spin their wheels for next to nothing.

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