How we are addicted to weather apps


As unprecedented weather creates climate stress, there are a number of different applications. Providing food for each type of prediction. From one report: In our current unsettled atmosphere, it’s common to get caught up in weather apps. There’s almost as much talk about weather on social media as it is about weather apps: most of it is anger about inaccurate forecasts. Some come from users who accept checking weather apps for more than seems logical. The short-term weather forecast app was shut down late last year, after it was acquired by Apple. In April, he was outraged when Apple’s Weather app went down, a temporary glitch that made international news.

50 percent of US smartphone users regularly use weather apps. According to Statista, weather apps will generate an estimated $1.5 billion in revenue by 2023, up from $530 million in 2017. Climate crisis, as well as the general trend towards “digitalization of one’s life and schedule.” There’s plenty out there to meet many needs: Over 10,000 apps in the Android and iPhone app stores have the word “weather” in them.

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