How to submit site, location, products to Google and Bing


Years ago, search engines relied on URL submissions to find and index websites. Nowadays, engines can find pages without help.

But both Google and Bing still provide tools to ensure that pages are indexed, physical locations and products are listed.

Here’s how to find and use these tools.

Enter through sitemaps

Google and Bing encourage website owners to submit XML sitemaps to facilitate easy and quick indexing.

Based on your ecommerce platform, create an XML sitemap using a plug in (eg, WordPress, Woocommerce) or with built-in functionality (eg, Wix, Shopify).

To submit a sitemap to Google:

  • Log in to the search console.
  • Click on “Sitemaps” in the “Index” section;
  • Paste your sitemap URL using “Add New Sitemap”.
A Screenshot Of The Search Console Sitemap Entry

Submit a sitemap to Google via Search Console. Click the image to enlarge.

To submit to Bing:

A Screenshot Of The Webmaster Tools Sitemap Entry.

Enter the sitemap in Bing in Webmaster Tools. Click the image to enlarge.

Submitting a sitemap does not guarantee that your pages will be indexed. But it can temporarily boost traffic from Google Discover.

Enter individual URLs

Both Google and Bing allow you to submit individual pages for indexing. This option is unnecessary if you have already entered sitemaps. But it’s useful for quick re-indexing and validation of recently modified pages.

Select the “URL Checker” tool to enter a URL in the search console. Wait for the page to load and then click “Request Index”. The tool will show if the page has already been indexed to confirm fixes.

A Screenshot Of The Search Console Url Checker.

The search console allows entering individual URLs. Click the image to enlarge.

To submit it in Bing Webmaster Tools, use the “URL Inspection” tab and click the “Request Index” button. Bing also provides analysis for possible optimization problems on the page.

Bing Webmaster Tools Url Checker

Bing Webmaster Tools also allows custom URL submission. Click the image to enlarge.

Beyond Webmaster Tools, Bing offers a separate “Index now” feature. But in my experience, the tool doesn’t help.

Enter the location

Local businesses can enter their physical location through Google Maps and Bing Places.

For Google:

  • log on google maps.
  • Choose one of three options: (i) Enter your company’s physical address in the Maps search bar. Click on “Add your business” in the “Business Profile” section. (ii) Right click anywhere on the map and select “Add your business”. (iii) At the top left, click on the menu icon and select “Add your business”.
  • Sign up for a business profile to complete setup.

Maybe your business will be in Google Maps, and you’ll be invited to attend. I understand.

A Screenshot Of The Google Maps Submission.

Enter the physical location of your business in Google Maps. Click the image to enlarge.

To submit your local business to Bing:

  • go to Bing Places And click “Start”.
  • Click “Create New Business” and enter your details.
Screenshot Of Bing Sites

Use Bing Places to enter a physical address. Click the image to enlarge.

Enter products

Both Google and Bing allow individual product submissions to increase their visibility across multiple categories.

To submit products to Google, a Business center Account then you can Add Free product listings if you meet these requirements:

  • Follow Google Policies To display products in free listings,
  • Include a return policy on your website;
  • Configure “Shipping”. settings.

Free product listings They appear In the Google Shopping tab, the main search tab, images and image packages (called products), and YouTube’s “Watch and Buy” section.

To submit products in Bing:

  • Create Microsoft Business center store,
  • Provide all eligible products,
  • Wait for your details to be approved.

All product specifications must comply with Microsoft advertisement And Product advertisements Policies. The feed should complement the Microsoft product. Specifications.

Bing displays free product listings in the “Shopping” tab below the paid listings. Both Google and Bing allow paid product listings in click ads.

A Screenshot Of Bing's Free Product Listings.

Bing displays free product listings in the “Shopping” tab below the paid listings. Click the image to enlarge.


Submitting your site to search engines is no longer required, but I recommend it as it helps them find and index your URLs faster. Product listings, however, need submissions to appear in critical shopping segments.

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