How chatgpt helped a software engineer create a viral Philippines travel rating map website.


MANILA, Philippines – As the Philippines looks to start traveling again after years of pandemic restrictions, social media feeds are abuzz with users sharing maps of places they’ve been in the Philippines, all thanks to a web app.

It was created by Singapore-based Filipino software engineer Denz Del Villar. My Philippines travel guide A website for users to show off how great their trip is in the Philippines.

The do-it-yourself map exploded as quickly as the personalities McCoy Dubs And even the former vice president Leni Robredo They shared their results.

Danes told Rappler that the website represents his first time in web development, something he’s been thinking about for years but was unable to launch due to his lack of experience.

“I think it started in 2019. I saw this randomly Japanese version I am interested in the map and…. I was amazed and thought ‘hey, there must be a Philippine version of this too’, but there was none to be found.

It was only on April 5th that he finally got around to starting the project while on a ten-hour layover on his way to Turkey. Finally, there was one tool to help conquer web development – ChatGPT.

“Many software engineers have seen the potential of ChatGPT to guide them in building their projects,” Dentz said.

The software engineer estimates that 70% to 80% of the current viral websites are made with the help of ChatGPT.

Behind the scene

Denz’s journey with the website began by creating a map of the Philippines, using the entire ten hours of his first vacation to build this foundation.

“[The website] Graphics are hard, you need the map first, and I didn’t know how to do it or how to draw it. I asked ChatGPT how to get started. I also followed the format of the people who created the Japanese version…the website wasn’t live then because there were so many missing features,” he said.

To fill in the missing features, he developed the code for the website by consulting ChatGipt during his long bus trips to different parts of Turkey.

Among the features supported by ChatGPT was an important feature where users can click on a specific state and name it at these levels.

  • You have lived there (5) – You have spent a significant part of your life in that area.
  • They stayed there (4) – they slept at least one night in that area.
  • They visited there (3) – they spent a few hours exploring the area.
  • Dropped there (2) – Dropped in for a short stay, landing or transfer.
  • They passed there (1) – They passed there but did not stop.
  • You’ve never been there (0) – You should go there soon.
My Philippines Travel Level Map
Users Of ‘My Philippines Travel Level’ Can Click On A Specific Province And Name It With Specific Travel Levels. Photo By Russell Ku/Rappler

Dentz shared that he was able to provide “excellent” answers to his questions as long as ChatGPT responded well. However, he added that the codes provided by the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot will not automatically work for the website.

“It’s kind of like how other people are doing it, but it’s almost at the same level. When I did that and kept what ChatGPT recommended I still had to make sure the code worked, so I had to tweak it a bit.

An AI chatbot helps Denz with the basics of website hosting, such as getting a domain.

“It’s hard for software engineers to start from scratch when they’re learning new programming. But if you have a template, it’s easier. ChatGPT provided me with templates on how to get started, which made my life easier. That’s what it took.” [from] In the year 2019 until a few days ago because there is no one who can help me or I can ask someone who knows about it, but I don’t have time.


Despite the benefits, Dentz has run into problems with ChatGPT, where the chatbot “misleads” or completely misanswers the question by adding a feature where users can share their maps directly to their Instagram stories.

After a lot of research, Dentz realized that he had to rewrite the entire website code in React Native when coding in ReactJS to get such a feature.

React Native is used for cross-platform development of mobile applications, while ReactJS is used to build the user interface of websites. The programming language used by React Native and ReactJS are also different.

“Clearly there is no such thing [package] In ReactJS, but also in React Native. So when I asked ChatGPT for packages that do this, the chatbot provided one. When I checked the package it didn’t work. I think ChatGPT invented this package that can do this [function] Using this command then that command was not there in the first place.

Denz created a deal where users can save images of their finished maps to share on their social media accounts.

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, acknowledged such flaws in a November 2022 blog post. websiteSaying that it may be “challenging” to fix the issue as it “currently lacks a source of truth” in the tutorial training.

Dentz said this problem shows that ChatGPT is “vulnerable to disinformation” and that there are “risks” in believing it can provide completely truthful information.

After testing the site with friends, he released the website on April 9 via an Instagram Story sticker and Reddit. Denz added that he doesn’t rely on ChatGPT as much as he does research on Google for quick bug fixes after the website goes live.

Travel to the Philippines

As of 2011 My Philippines travel guide website, Deniz Philippines travel rating is only 62. The software engineer is low profile because he was only able to travel a lot from 2015 to 2017 when he was able to earn enough money from his first job in Japan.

“It’s not very practical to say that if you’re in Japan, you’re going to the Philippines for a vacation. [plane] Tickets are expensive. It was very quick to do a ‘domestic trip’ in Japan,” he said.

Denz added that most of his trip in the Philippines was in Luzon. He traveled to Cebu in 2010 from Japan for a vacation, Boracay for a family trip and Davao for a national schools press conference.

He hopes to change that now that he is based in Singapore, looking at destinations like Palawan, Cebu and Batanes.

In addition, Denz saw patterns from the maps he saw from his circle of friends and other posts on social networks, that the “good” ones are not the best travelers in the Philippines.

“The government workers I see most of the time, they are the ones who go to many places. [since] The need of their work requires them to travel to all the provinces. They are high scorers, not walkers,” he said.

Denz explained that it does not collect any data from the web application other than the page views from the flag counter at the bottom of the website. Until now My Philippines travel guide Website visited 2,301,068 times.

Viral fame

Meanwhile, Dentz says he knows the maps have the potential to go viral. However, what’s surprising is how quickly companies, organizations and professionals have adopted the gimmick. Those versions range from state-by-state availability of ATMs to actual minimum wage rates.

The virality of the journey map also caused concerned users to rush to support the software engineer and his work.

With an online spotlight on the My Philippines travel ranking website, Dentz hopes to encourage Filipinos to explore more of the Philippines because “the country really has a lot to offer.”

He hopes that people who create AI products like OpenAI will be “responsible enough” in how they operate and maintain these tools. The software engineer hopes that users will learn about AI so that they will not be fooled by the promises of these companies, adding that there should be more AI programs in universities.

“The field of AI is very hot. So I hope there will be more people from the next generation [who know] How to navigate that field,” he said.

Those who want to support Danz and My Philippines Travel Level website can donate through it. Paypal And GCash. –

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