How and when to use it


Even if your small business isn’t currently using ChatGPT or other AI technology, you probably will be soon. This means that you need to move quickly. Here are five things you should know before you jump in.

You must know what ChatGPT is.

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses natural language to help answer questions and automate tasks. Chatbots have been around for a while, but ChatGPT, it’s made. Open AI, is widely considered superior and easy to use because it is “trained” on a wide range of public information and can talk about a wide range of topics. When asked a question, he answers – then continues the conversation about the subject – he responds like a person. When asked to do some work, one can do it.

You should know what ChatGPT is not.

ChatGPT is not a search engine like Google or Microsoft Bing, which displays links to websites based on keywords. It has no “idea” of its own. It is not a robot, machine or standalone business application. It doesn’t have all the answers. He doesn’t know everything. It’s not always right. Not a sentient being.

Now you should know what ChatGPT can do for your small business.

Latest version of Chat GPT – GPT4 – released in November. There are countless avenues a small business owner can take advantage of right now.

For example, you can ask him to write blogs for your website in a certain style or based on certain parameters, or ask him to suggest other changes that will improve your website’s performance. Can create legal and policy documents. It can suggest better wording for a real estate listing or product description. It can help write software or modify existing code. Can perform detailed online research, answer legal and HR questions, write job descriptions, perform advanced accounting analysis, compose sensitive email communications, translate (or create) documents in a different language, and provide business advice.

The key is knowing what to ask for, and this is a great resource to help you do just that. This guide Created by website hosting service GoDaddy.

You need to know what will work for your small business in the future.

Since OpenAI is licensing its technology to outsiders, several tech companies are creating apps that can do anything from quickly generalize based on the algorithm. YouTube videos Converting photos Anime art. But the real impact on small businesses will come as Big Tech companies release new versions of their productivity applications and other major business software vendors incorporate the software into their own platforms. Some of this is happening.

For example, Microsoft – a big investor in OpenAI – is providing tools and services to the developer community. It will be included soon Additional chat GPT technology in Office 365 and team applications allows email to be sent, tasks to be done, documents to be written, pre-meeting surveys, post-meeting talks and presentations prepared according to the user’s orders. own data.

Google is doing the same thing with Gmail and Google Workspace by using its own ChatGPT competitor. Bard. The popular collaboration platform Slack It is being used. Chat GPT to conduct research and send direct communication to customers. It’s Instacart. Incorporating technology To help customers make a purchase decision. Buy-now-pay-later service is Klarna. Using the technology To make product recommendations and give purchase advice.

Ultimately, ChatGPT technology — and other conversational AI tools — are being incorporated into many of the business applications we use every day. There are already improved versions – they are called AutoGPT – Can be trained to perform tasks and take actions without the involvement of anyone else. These applications are used independently to answer customers, troubleshoot problems for technicians, send invoices, reconcile accounts, place orders, recommend new services to managers, and launch marketing campaigns. As the technology gains popularity, it will be incorporated into machines, robots and factory equipment to control production time, adjust for external conditions such as temperature and humidity, alert to safety and performance issues, and guide operators in effective and safe use.

You should be aware of the dangers of ChatGPT.

For all its potential, ChatGPT and similar AI technology has its drawbacks. There are many concerns about its validity and potential bias. People worry that it will replace work. Others worry about the dire consequences of being smarter than humans, such as influencing elections, misleading public opinion, or taking unauthorized control of infrastructure or military installations. They have technology elites like Elon Musk and Apple founder Steve Wozniak He was pushing. They are asking for a pause in its development and for government regulators to become more involved in its oversight.

These concerns are valid. Like any technology with the potential to change the world—printing, automobiles, the Internet, the iPhone—ChatGPT poses serious challenges that must be addressed during its evolution.

What I tell my clients about ChatGPT

Now that you know a little about ChatGPT, you’re probably wondering, so what do I do now?

I don’t believe these risks should stop small business owners from embracing this type of automation wherever and whenever we can. Technology consultants at my firm are telling their clients to ask software, hardware, and device vendors to find out how they can incorporate conversational AI into future versions of their products. And then when these features are released, we encourage small business owners to adopt them and help them increase productivity and manage overhead.

be carefull. Get ready. Be open to change. ChatGPT – and AI technology like it – will have a profound impact on the way we run our companies for decades to come.

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