How an AI-Written ‘Star Wars’ Story Created Chaos by Gizmodo


G/O Media owns top sites like Gizmodo, Kotaku, Quartz and The Onion. Last month they announced “modest experiments” with AI-generated content on their site – and It did not go well in the companyas reported The Washington Post.

Not long ago, the deputy editor of Gizmodo’s science fiction section, io9, suggested 18″.Concerns, corrections and commentsA story about an AI created by the “Gizmodo Bot” in chronological order of the Star Wars movies and TV shows. “I have never experienced this level of basic incompetence with any colleagues I’ve worked with.” James Whitbrook said Paste In an interview. “If these AI [chatbots] I can’t even put a Star Wars movie in sequence as a basic thing, I don’t think you can believe it. [report] Any kind of accurate information.”

The uproar over the publication’s coverage of Gizmodo’s tech coverage was undeniable… G/O Media editorial director Meryl Brown wrote that G/O Media owns several tech coverage sites. A responsibility to “do everything we can to develop AI initiatives relatively early in the technology’s evolution.” “These features will not replace the work that is currently being done by writers and editors,” Brown told employees when he announced that the company would use AI to test our editorial and technological thinking.

“There will be bugs, and they will be fixed as soon as possible, …” the note, according to Slack chat screenshots, includes 16 thumbs down emojis, 11 trash can emojis, six clown emojis, two facepalm emojis, and two pop emojis. He showed.

Earlier this week, G/O Media Deputy Editorial Director Leah Goldman announced to employees at Slack that the company had begun a “limited trial” of AI-generated stories on four of its sites, including AV Club, Deadspin, Gizmodo and The. The release, according to messages seen by the post… employees quickly messaged back with concern and suspicion. “One of our job descriptions does not include editing or reviewing AI-generated content,” one employee said. “If you want an article on the order of the Star Wars movies … you can just ask,” said another. “AI is looking for a solution to a problem,” said one employee. “We have talented writers who know what we’re doing. So effectively what you’re doing is wasting everybody’s time.”
The Post looked at four AI-generated stories on the company’s websites, including io9, Deadspin and the food site The Takeout.

At least two of these four stories had to be edited after publication.

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