Here’s how The College of Arizona has enhanced distance education

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Clairon (Opens in a new tab) Classroom technologies are vital to helping teachers today engage students, provide blended learning opportunities, and enhance familiarity with new tools that are commonly deployed in modern work environments. At Mesa Community College in Arizona (MCC), which serves more than 20,000 students on three campuses, Covid-era lockdowns and funding have provided an ideal opportunity to evaluate existing classroom technologies and pursue new solutions to enhance the flexibility and quality of distance learning experiences.

“Our team in the media department recognized that the temporary closure of schools presented an opportunity to transform classrooms with new systems that provide high-quality audio and video for remote learning,” said David Kollar, MCC Technical Support Specialist for Tech Services Media. “Previous positive experiences with ClearOne audio and video products, we tested and ultimately selected several ClearOne audio solutions to provide reliable, cost-effective audio capture and ensure that every remote learner can hear every word spoken in the classroom with stunning clarity.”