Hallsville Board of Education Discusses School Safety Grant; It hopes to add cameras and other features to buildings

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Columbia, Mo. (KMIZ)

The Hallsville School Board discussed Wednesday night a safety grant it could receive from the state and some of the safety features it hopes to improve.

The school district completed its application weeks ago for the grant that could provide the district with up to $200,000 for safety improvements.

“If this grant is approved, some of the things we’d like to do is end electronic key entries in all of our buildings,” said Ty Sides, Middle School Principal and Safety Coordinator. “Getting more cameras in certain areas, some security fencing in certain areas where it could be better and bulletproof membranes in some of our high-risk areas is our plan so far.”

This scholarship is a result Early supplementary budget bill for fiscal year 2023 Signed by Governor Mike Parson signed in February.

This bill includes $20 million to provide school districts with school safety grants. The program aims to support upgrades to physical security, technology in facilities, bleeding control kits, automatic defibrillators and more.

state received 497 requests For safety grants dozens of Mid-Missouri schools have also applied, including Jefferson City and Columbia Public Schools.

School districts that have received a grant will be notified on Friday, April 28.