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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the United States remain the backbone of the economy, accounting for 99 percent of all businesses and employing more than 60 million workers—about half of the U.S. workforce.1 From the rise of remote work to the emergence of AI, SMBs are poised to take advantage of the new generation of technology to grow and scale businesses.

There are now 11 million SMBs that rely on Microsoft 365 solutions. Read on to learn more about the new investments Microsoft is making to help SMBs succeed like never before.

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We’re excited about our latest AI announcement that will transform the way you work and streamline your business. Below we discuss what these new AI capabilities mean for businesses like yours. We’ve also partnered with GoDaddy, PayPal and Stripe to close new business and bring you a first-of-its-kind Teams Payments app that gets you paid directly at Microsoft Teams meetings; We present a project organization app that helps your employees better collaborate and create together; And share new security features that can protect your team’s devices.

We’re partnering with the Small Business Association to sponsor National Small Business Week (NSBW) in the United States, and in celebration, we’re offering a full year of Microsoft 365 Business Premium or a promotional price for May 2023 when you buy Microsoft. 365 business level. As someone with a strong interest in the success of small businesses, I am personally excited to attend the NSBW Virtual Summit and show you how your business can use AI to achieve your business goals.

Get ready to put the power of AI to work for your business

SMBs are fast becoming AI innovators. Businesses are using AI-powered tools for sales and marketing automation and business operations automation. In fact, in a recent survey of 550 businesses, 72 percent of less than 200 employees said they were familiar with AI tools, and 48 percent used them on a daily basis.2

Microsoft 365 Copilot In Teams, Excel And Powerpoint.
Grow Your Small Business With Microsoft 365 7

We announced it in March. A copy of Microsoft 365This will change the way you work and free you to focus on the things that matter most to your business.

Copilot saves you time by automating routine tasks, streamlining workflows and providing valuable insights to help you make the right decisions. It collects your own data—your internal documents, presentations, chats, and email—and uses it to help prepare emails, summarize meetings, and more. Let’s walk through the scenarios to help you see some of the ways Copilot can help small and medium businesses.

A Small Business Owner In A Retail Store Using Microsoft 365 On A Tablet.
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Preparing customer responsesA clothing store owner asks Copilot to index messages containing morning emails, customer feedback, and supplier concerns, and prepare customized responses to each question.

Analyzing data: The store owner uses Excel to determine profitability, break down sales by type and channel, project the impact of increasing the store’s online inventory, then organize the data into visual charts to simulate how inventory affects the business’s gross margin.

To write a business plan overview, the owner uses Microsoft Word to summarize customer feedback – extracting data from email and group chats – as well as integrate the newly analyzed data and determine the benefits of increasing online inventory.

Creating a proposalNext, the owner asks PowerPoint to create a two-page project proposal to share with business stakeholders, based on customer feedback and previous analysis—and then uses Copilot to summarize the information in just one slide.

Summary of meetingsThe store owner meets with the retail store team to discuss business strategies and asks the teams to summarize key discussion points and ideas and suggest action items – all during the meeting.

Four People Participate In An Online Meeting Of Microsoft Teams
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Here are just a few examples of how Copilot can benefit your business. To learn more about AI and Copilot, read the Microsoft 365 Copilot blog or dive deeper into technology and science with WorkClub: AI—A Whole New Way to Work.

Use the new Group Payments app to help your business close and get paid

Getting paid for appointments, classes, and webinars—basically any meeting you host as a team—just got easier. We’re launching a team payments app that lets SMBs easily manage and collect payments from team meetings on your desktop or mobile device during meetings.

In this first-of-its-kind app, we’ve partnered with leading players in the payments space to combine core collaboration capabilities across teams with powerful business features. With a shared focus on helping SMBs thrive, we’re excited to partner Godadi, PayPalAnd Scratch To make it easy for customers to connect with you and help you get paid faster.

People Who Participate In Microsoft Teams Online Meetings And Receive Payment For Services Via Chat Using A Payment Application.  The Image Includes A Payment Request.
Grow Your Small Business With Microsoft 365 10

of Group payments app Team Store is available in public preview at no charge to registered businesses in the United States and Canada for Team Store and Microsoft 365 business subscribers. PayPal and Stripe are both available in the app today. GoDaddy is coming soon. Read more about this announcement in our Groups Payments Blog.

Think, plan and create together like never before with Microsoft Loop

We recently launched the Loop app, a new way for your employees to organize all their project needs in one central place—including ideas, links, and documents. When you start a new workspace, Loop helps you get started by pointing to the relevant files. Its flexible interface helps you organize your workspace in a way that suits you.

Project Homepage View Of Microsoft'S Loop App, With Heart, Clap And Starry Eye Emojis.
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With Loop, your work is not limited to one location. You can turn your workspace classes into Loop classes, which are portable pieces of content that stay together wherever they’re shared—whether it’s Teams, Outlook, Microsoft Whiteboard, or Word for web—allowing your teams to collaborate. Create and work together seamlessly as you create lists, tables, notes, and more.

With the release of Copilot, you’ll soon be able to use the capabilities in Loop to create better ideas together. As you and your teammates work, you can go back to previous questions, add language to filter results, and edit generated responses for better, more personalized results.

The Loop app is available in public preview today. Enable Loop for your team Then visit Microsoft Loop To begin with.

Protect your business with security solutions built for SMBs

Protecting your business from ever-evolving cybercrime is important, and we’re committed to providing security solutions that help small and medium-sized businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks. We’re excited to bring new security capabilities to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft Defender for Business to make security more accessible.

Defender for Business now simplifies mobile device security, protecting you against threats like malware and ransomware on iOS and Android—without add-ons or device management—helping your employees stay safe on the go.

Added monthly security reports to provide recommendations to simplify and improve your business’s security posture across identity, devices, data and applications, close gaps and build trust with stakeholders.

To learn more about these updates, read on Latest blog And visit SMB security website.

Microsoft 365 promotional offer

In celebration of National Small Business Week, Microsoft is offering 15 percent off the first year of Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Microsoft 365 Business Premium to businesses in the United States. Terms and conditions apply.*

  • Microsoft 365 business levelIt includes your favorite apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Teams to help you bring your ideas to life.
  • Microsoft 365 Business PremiumIt includes the capabilities in Microsoft 365 Business Standard and advanced security and management capabilities.

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At Microsoft, we’re dedicated to providing powerful tools to help your small business grow. To help you get AI ready, explore our latest Microsoft 365 products, as well as these helpful resources for SMBs:

  • Small business assistance and educationLearn more about how to set up and use a Microsoft 365 subscription, find tips and templates to help you run your business, and get the most out of hybrid work.
  • Small Business Resources: Get free resources, technology training, and guidance to help your business grow and grow.
  • A copy of Microsoft 365An AI tool combines the power of language models with your data to turn your words into powerful information.

1Frequently asked questions about small businessUS Small Business Administration, March 2023

2Microsoft’s small and medium business (SMB) voice and approach to technology researchMicrosoft, 2022

* This promotional offer is available to new Microsoft 365 business customers in the United States between May 1, 2023 and May 31, 2023. Customers can purchase Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Business Premium at a 15 percent discount when purchasing directly from our website. An annual commitment is required, and promotional pricing is valid for the first year only. Promotional price will be reflected at checkout. This subscription will be automatically renewed and billed for recurring monthly payments via the preferred payment method. This promotion is not available on trial subscriptions. Customers can cancel at any time to stop future payments. This offer may not be combined with any other offer. Microsoft reserves the right to cancel, change or suspend this offer at any time without notice.

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