Governor Hochul has launched a statewide listening tour to promote clean water, clean air and the Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act

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Gov. Kathy Hochul kicked off New York State’s Earth Week celebration today by announcing a statewide educational listening tour of the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Act of 2024. The bond bill was approved overwhelmingly by voters last fall. in environmental justice, climate change mitigation, coastal restoration, flood resilience, water quality, open space land conservation, recreational resources, and green jobs. The tour will provide an opportunity for the public and potential applicants for funding to learn more about the Bond Act, and for the community to influence the draft criteria developed to identify potential projects.

“Over the course of the next several months, the Bond Act listening tour will travel across New York to engage with senior officials in the state about this historic and important investment in our environment.” Governor Hochul said. “The listening tour will provide an opportunity for the public, municipalities, and other potential applicants to see how they can leverage these funds to help New York State achieve our climate goals while growing our economy. With Earth Week kicking off today, we look forward to implementing the historic Bond Act that will create a greener future for our communities, infrastructure, and planet.” .

The Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act is the largest environmental bond in state history and the first in New York since 1996. The Bond Act will provide $4.2 billion for environmental and community projects that also support job creation and a significant investment in the Clean Green Schools Initiative that will serve More than 1,000 public schools are under-resourced. Recognizing that vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected by negative impacts on the environment and climate change, at least 35 percent of the benefits of the Bond Act will be directed to disadvantaged communities. Specifically, the Environmental League Act states:

  • $1.5 billion to mitigate the effects of climate change;
  • $1.1 billion for repairs and flood risk reduction;
  • $650 million to improve water quality and resilient infrastructure;
  • $650 million for open land preservation and recreation; And
  • $300 million for other projects not specifically allocated in the law.

The educational listening tour is part of the state’s commitment to a collaborative and transparent process in the way Bond Act money is delivered. Sessions will include a presentation on bond law and the opportunity for a one-on-one discussion with state experts. The meetings will be open to the public.

The first in-person session will take place May 30 at 1 pm at the University at Buffalo Center for Tomorrow – North Campus, 125 Service Center Road, Buffalo. To register visit additional Meetings announced soon for Central New York, the Adirondacks, Upper and Lower Hudson Valley, Bronx, Brooklyn and Long Island. Two virtual sessions will also be held.

State and local agencies and partners will be able to access Environmental Bond Act funding over a multi-year process. An interagency working group is currently working to identify environmental funding needs across the state and develop program logistics for implementing the Bond Act. The educational listening tour will engage these stakeholders and other interested New Yorkers to learn about the types of projects the Bond Act can support and begin discussions about eligibility criteria for the funding push.

Basil Segos, co-chair of the Ministry of Conservation and the Climate Action Council, said, “DEC is excited to work under Governor Hochul’s leadership and begin making the most important environmental investment in a generation. The Bond Act listening tour is an opportunity for DEC and our state partners to engage with communities across the state on important environmental projects that will also benefit local economies. Today’s announcement underscores Stare’s commitment to ensuring society contributes to the future of our environment, combating climate change, and ensuring the resilience of the state’s infrastructure.”

Doreen M. said: “The Bond Act is certainly part of the incredible momentum promoting climate action in New York, and under Governor Hochul’s leadership, NYSERDA will use Bond Act funding to help school bus fleets electrify their buses, while supporting under-resourced public schools so they can make energy efficient and green infrastructure upgrades. Upcoming listening tours are critical so that community needs across the state are recognized and can inform strategic decision-making that will benefit all New Yorkers.”

said State Parks Commissioner Eric KulleseidAnd New York State Under Governor Hochul’s leadership has a tremendous opportunity to promote a clean environment, promote environmental justice, address climate change, and expand access to healthy outdoor recreation through the Environmental Bond Act. Hearing ideas and insights from every region of the state is critical to the successful implementation of this initiative. I look forward to these discussions with our government and our community partners.

said Maureen A. Coleman, President and CEO of the Environmental Utilities Foundation“The EFC is committed to working with the DEC and other state partners to ensure bond law funding is given to the communities that need it most. Governor Hochul’s round of hearing underscores the state’s commitment.”

New York State Agriculture Commissioner Richard A. pee , “New York State has long been a leader in environmental efforts, including on our farms, and the tremendous support we saw for the Bond Act in the past year continues to show how much New Yorkers care about their environment. This listening tour will give our communities the opportunity to reflect on how this important legislation will help “Cleaning our waterways, preserving our ecosystems, and investing in a healthy future for our state. I look forward to hearing input from our agriculture partners on how we can continue to implement best practices that protect our natural resources while supporting our farmers.”

New York State Commissioner for Homes and Community Renewal Ruth Ann Vysnauskas said, “The Bond Act is a prime example of how New York can invest in our future. This listening tour will connect HCR’s Office of Resilient Homes and Communities and our partners with local neighborhoods to develop projects that help adapt to a changing climate and promote long-term sustainability. We look forward to partnering with communities across the state to build resilience.” For the next generations. “

Jessica Otney Mahar, director of policy and strategy at The Nature Conservancy in New York, said, “New York’s $4.2 billion Environmental Bond Act for Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs provides communities with an extraordinary opportunity to protect clean water, reduce pollution, preserve wildlife habitat, and create quality jobs. The Nature Conservancy applauds Governor Hochul for initiating implementation The Bond Act listening tour will provide opportunities for stakeholders to learn about available funding, share perspectives on community needs, and provide input on program design.Through this exciting process, communities across our state will be in a position to deliver on the promise of the Bond Act and deliver projects that work on Improving the quality of life now and for future generations of New Yorkers.”

Andy Bicking, director of government relations and public policy at Scenic Hudson, said:Last November, New York voters approved the Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act by a landslide. We are delighted that Governor Hochul is reaching out to local communities to learn about their needs and how the Bond Act can help. This is an ideal opportunity for local governments and community groups to identify – and begin to develop – projects that will enhance our health and well-being, create jobs, and protect future generations. In an area as economically and culturally diverse as the Hudson Valley, this work is essential.”

Julie Tighe, president of the New York League of Voters for Conservation, said: The League of New York Conservation Voters applauds Governor Hochul’s statewide listening tour to get input from experts and communities on implementing the Environmental Bond Act. When the $4.2 billion measure was approved overwhelmingly by New York voters, it was a resounding declaration of support Fighting climate change, ensuring access to clean drinking water, and promoting environmental justice, we are confident that the Governor’s commitment to engaging with stakeholders will ensure funds are distributed effectively and priority projects will have the greatest impact.”

More information about the Bond Act is available at