Gizmodo and Kotaku staff were outraged after the owner announced the AI ​​content test


Futurism Reports:

G/O Media, a large online media company that owns publications including Gizmodo, Kotaku, Quartz, Jezebel, [the Onion]And Deadspin, announced AI content on the sites will begin a “moderate trial”.… as if Email to employeesG/O Media Editorial Director Meryl Brown argued that the news shouldn’t come as a surprise since “everyone in the media” is considering AI.

The experiment “consisted of developing a few stories for most of our pages that were basically built around details and facts,” Brown wrote. “These features do not replace the work currently done by writers and editors, and in time if we get these types of content right and scaled, we hope that AI will help us grow our audience through search and promotion.”

Unions representing media and onion workers He issued a statement.“We are shocked by this news: the hard work of journalists cannot be replaced by reliable AI programs known for creating fakes and showing the work of real writers.” Staffers at Gizmodo and Kotaku were particularly outraged by the news. “AI content won’t replace my work — but it will reduce its value, place an unnecessary burden on editors, destroy the credibility of my broadcast, and annoy more viewers,” says Gizmodo journalist Lynn Codega. He tweeted. In response to the news. “AI in any way undermines our mission, demoralizes our reporters and undermines the trust of our audiences.”

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