Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are afraid of white collar failure


The trend is: The first launch of Generative AI made participants on World Economic Forum In Davos about the future of white-collar jobs and the rise of misinformation is feared.

Technological failure as a stressor The tech industry is turning to AI as its core product as the bleeding continues.

The overall US job market is strong right now, however If a recession hits, the fears that blue-collar workers have had for decades — that machines will replace them — will be increasingly shared by their white-collar colleagues..

The main receivers: ChatGPT is sending shockwaves around the world, but as it stands, it’s only fit to augment, not replace, human creativity.

  • In the short term, human creativity will continue to be important to the economy.
  • AI is trained using intellectual property created by humans, so in theory, if humans stop inventing, AI will run out of fresh source data.
  • People’s desire to connect with other people and express themselves is an economic driver in itself. And it’s fueling a lot of branding behind digital content that AI can’t easily replace.

Chatgpti is the stepping stone to it. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) For technology companies that make rapid progress in the field.

  • AGI can work autonomously and generate fresh data sources.
  • Instead of human interaction, it can develop personalities that people want to connect with.
  • The timetable for this realization is unknown, but it could happen faster than society can adapt to. Inflame the danger of existence.

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