Forsatna program aims to help families improve their jobs and lifestyle

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Shelly Sassen, Executive Director Of The Well Outreach, Welcomes Volunteers During A Thanksgiving Sunday Handout.  Volunteer Drivers Delivered Thanksgiving Essentials To Nearly 300 Families Throughout Spring Hill And Columbia.

The Well Outreach, a 17-year-old food ministry located in Spring Hill, is pleased to announce its inaugural family training initiative, Our Chance Program.

The Well, through its “Our Chance” programme, will work with 75 local families in Moree County in need to help transition them into a situation of greater economic and financial stability. To achieve this, Well will provide family training services, as well as resource pillars for transportation, housing, childcare, education and employment.

In partnership with the Martha O’Bryan Center in Nashville, Tennessee (grant originator), The Well represented Morey County on the grant steering committee and assisted the seven-county initiative to win one of seven TANF $25 million statewide grants.

The Well Outreach, a 17-year-old food ministry located in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is excited to announce its inaugural Family Training Initiative, Program

The Well serving as Director of Morey County Grants will partner with the TAEM (Tennessee Alliance for Economic Mobility) team, a public-private partnership of 31 organizations across all seven counties.

“The aim of the Forsatuna program is to provide support to families trying to relocate with a ‘cliff of benefits’ as they try to improve their jobs and lifestyle,” Sassine said.