Flywheel Software announces the first cross-channel journey developer for the data cloud


new york, May 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Flywheel Software announced the launch of Maestro, the first customer journey builder for the modern data stack.

Marketing technology has long been a source of frustration for marketers, with inflated claims, unreliable data and single-channel limitations. After a decade of unfulfilled promises, marketers are tired of not being able to trust their data to create seamless conversations with customers across multiple channels.

With Maestro, marketers can leverage their organization’s most reliable and comprehensive customer data from their modern data stack to create consistent marketing channels with customers and measure revenue impact. Marketers can focus on building thoughtful experiences for their customers throughout their customer lifecycle, from trial, onboarding, selling, selling, closing, and winning return programs, with all the information they need.

By opening up the market’s most comprehensive and reliable customer data, Maestro enables true cross-channel campaigns across email, push notification, paid media and CRM. Marketers use Maestro to create customer journeys across their existing marketing mix, allowing them to reach their target audience in the channel that matters most.

Maestro is designed with an innovative modular architecture specifically for the enterprise. It aims to be “dropped into” any marketing suite and orchestrate the customer journey, making it work across marketing tools in today’s enterprise.

“We are excited to introduce Maestro to the marketing community,” he said. Chris Sale, co-founder and CEO of Flywheel Software. “For too long, marketers have struggled to create cross-channel campaigns that deliver real results. With Maestro, you don’t have to change your marketing stack. You can set up meaningful conversations with your customers on any channel you use today. Data you trust in your analytics stack. That’s a powerful combination.”

Maestro is poised to transform the way marketers provide a shortcut to the customer journey orchestration, providing the tools and data they need to create impactful campaigns for each stage of the customer lifecycle. To learn more about Maestro, Visit the Flywheel website.

About Flywheel Software
Flywheel software is the fastest way to enable your customer data from data cloud platforms directly into your marketing platforms for cross-channel. Enable your marketing team to access 100% of your customer data into marketing tools and platforms in minutes. It has offices in Flywheel new york, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, and is hiring. For more information, visit:

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