Flying car prototype received airworthiness certification by FAA


An anonymous reader wrote: It has the Federal Aviation Administration Confirmed for testing A vehicle described by a California startup as a flying car — the first all-electric car that can travel on the road — is seeking US government approval. According to Aleph Automotive, the vehicle/plane, dubbed “Model A,” is the first flying vehicle that can operate on public roads and park like a normal car. It also has vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. It can carry one or two passengers and has a road range of 200 miles and a flight range of 110 miles.

The company It expects to sell the vehicles for $300,000 each by the end of 2025. The FAA has confirmed that it has granted the company a special certificate of airworthiness, limited to demonstration, research and development purposes. Many companies are working on fully electric vehicles, which refer to aircraft for taking off and landing vehicles. The FAA said the Alef is “not the first aircraft of its kind” to receive a special airworthiness certificate. However, Alef said the vehicle’s ability to perform on-road and in the air, look like a normal car and park in a normal parking lot is different.

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