Five-Way Fire: The House Freedom Caucus’s Excessive Budget Proposal Ships Manufacturing Jobs Offshore and Undermines American Workers

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The ultra-major Republican MAGA House Freedom Caucus has made its priorities clear: force devastating cuts and increasing costs for working and middle-class families, all to protect and expand tax breaks that tend to vest in wealthy and large corporations. In fact, their tax cuts will be so costly that their cuts are deep and damaging Will not reduce the deficit.

This is in sharp contrast to the president’s budget, which invests in America, lowers costs for families, protects and strengthens Medicare and Social Security, and reduces the deficit by $3 trillion over 10 years, while ensuring that no one pays less than $400,000 a year a penny more. in the new taxes.

Along with other commitments House Republicans have already made from MAGA, The Radical Freedom Caucus proposal would be a disaster for families in at least five major ways: endangering public safety, raising costs for families, shipping manufacturing jobs overseas, undermining American workers, undermining national security, and hurting the elderly.

Last week, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Certain That the congressional Republicans’ budget calculations add up to nothing. CBO found it – in order to meet Republicans in Congress declared commitment To balance the budget in 10 years without increasing taxes on the wealthy or corporations, and without cutting Social Security, Medicare, Defense and some veterans’ benefits – congressional Republicans will need to Eliminate everything in the rest of the federal budget.

The extreme Republican MAGA House Freedom group’s proposal would be a wake-up call for households — including by shipping manufacturing jobs offshore and undercutting workers. Their extreme proposal would not only cost manufacturing jobs in communities across the country, but would hurt workers by making deep cuts to job training services and preventing workers from getting a refund of the wages they are owed. Meanwhile, President Biden’s economic strategy is bringing groundbreaking new supply chains to America, supporting workers and small businesses, investing in innovation and the American industries that will define the future, and fueling a manufacturing boom that is boosting parts of the country that has long stagnated. left behind.

The Republican MAGA House Radical Freedom Caucus proposals would:

  • Manufacturing jobs abroad. The MAGA ultra-Republicans in the House will send manufacturing jobs overseas, reversing the progress the president and Congressional Democrats have made in revitalizing manufacturing across the country. During the president’s administration, the private sector invested more than $300 billion in manufacturing in clean energy and semiconductors. Outside estimates suggest that the clean energy provisions of the Inflation Reduction Act will create millions of jobs over the next 10 years, and scoops are already beginning to yield the hundreds of billions in private investment the law has attracted. The Republican MAGA House plan would kill and offshore those jobs.
  • Undermining American Workers. The radical Republican MAGA House Freedom Caucus proposal would deny 750,000 American workers access to job training and employment services and result in 100,000 fewer workers having access to registered vocational training.
  • Theft of wage workers. Refunded wages make a real difference for workers who struggle to pay rent, buy food, pay for child care, or cover gas or transportation costs to get to their jobs. By limiting targeted investigations and inspections, the ultra-nationalist Republican MAGA House Freedom Caucus proposal would mean 135,000 workers lose an average of $1,000 in back wages they owe, and it would change the playing field against law-abiding employers.