Finding the best assessment management software


Whether they’re singing your praises or giving constructive feedback, it’s important to pay attention to customer feedback because they are your biggest brand advocates.

But with thousands of reviews online across multiple networks, manually tracking and responding to feedback is time-consuming. Choosing the right software for your brand is only one piece of the puzzle in your online review management strategy.

Feedback management software helps brands quickly collect and respond to customer feedback and gain actionable business insights.

Why do companies need evaluation management software?

Reviews provide an important feedback loop that businesses can use to improve their products and services, but there are several other reasons brands should implement review management software.

Fast responses

According to The Sprout Social Index™ 2022, more than three-quarters of consumers expect brands to respond to social issues within 24 hours. And taking too long to respond has consequences – 36% say they share that negative experience and 31% say they don’t complete their purchase.

This expectation of timely consumer responses extends to reviews as well. A BrightLocal report It shows that 88% of consumers are more likely to use a business that responds to both positive and negative reviews.

Build trust and credibility

Consumers are looking for real, authentic feedback about businesses online. Although positive reviews can certainly convince consumers to buy a product or service, negative reviews can help boost brands’ social credibility.

Brands should build and maintain a presence on the review sites their customers use, especially those prioritized by search engines. This requires not only responding to reviews, but also understanding how different sites deliver and manage those reviews. for instance, Google review system It aims to reward high-quality user reviews, but the system also evaluates articles, blog articles, and ratings of review sites.

In the example below, a travel website review is populated in the Google Overview section.

Multi-channel and multi-location management

Facebook reviews, Yelp, Glassdoor, Google reviews—there are many review channels for users to provide feedback. When you have a sea of ​​ideas flowing across multiple channels and locations, it’s easy to get bogged down in manual tracking.

But good review management software can be used to streamline their response protocol by collecting reviews across multiple channels and consolidating the data into one place, allowing brands to process and analyze the data. With all your reviews in one platform, it’s easier to monitor, respond to, and improve your review management strategy.

Get business insights

Evaluation management software collects positive and negative feedback to suggest opportunities for improvement. For example, if multiple customers are citing the same error in Google Play or App Store reviews, the product development team can use this information to fix it.

Competitive intelligence

Some rating management software includes competitor data to evaluate how your brand measures up against other businesses in your market. Obtaining a competitor analysis will help you further identify opportunities for growth and gaps that you can fill in your evaluation management strategy.

Cooperation efficiency

Review management software enables teams to quickly resolve reviews across multiple channels and locations. Sharing insights or creating response templates for collaborative workplace assessment management can increase efficiency.

Marketing assets

Businesses can display positive reviews and testimonials to build their brand. Incorporating reviews into marketing assets can help increase brand awareness and conversions, especially since it’s the type of content consumers love to see from brands. 2022 Index 39% of consumers want to see customer testimonials or real customer testimonials.

Evaluation management vs. Reputation management

Monitoring and responding to reviews supports your brand management strategy. Evaluation management is an integral part of reputation management because it affects how your brand is perceived. Whether it’s posted on social media or dedicated review sites, consumers pay attention to both negative and positive comments along with brand responses.

Choosing software that complements both your review management and reputation management strategies can increase efficiency and increase brand awareness.

Top rated management software in the market

Here’s an overview of some of the top assessment management software on the market:

Sprout social

Choosing the best review management software depends on your business needs, but we believe Sprout Social could be the right choice for your brand.

Sprout Social integrates with some of the top review networks by volume, including Google, Facebook Pages, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Glassdoor and app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store).

Track reviews across multiple networks and respond to them all in one platform, saving teams time to focus on actionable next steps.

The Reviews Overview report provides a summary of feedback and includes critical metrics including response rate and review rate. Along with providing an efficiency lens, this report serves as a source of business intelligence as it provides a clear picture of reviews and responses. Use these insights to influence other marketing efforts and areas of your business.


Podium uses text messaging to help brands manage customer relationships and build an online reputation across multiple websites.

The platform integrates online reviews and other customer interactions into one dashboard so tracking and responding is easy. Users can instantly respond to reviews and send text messages to current and new customers. Podium has a variety of helpful features including sentiment analysis and competition metrics.

Bird’s eye

BirdEye collects reviews from review sites and 150+ different platforms to give you an overview of your online reputation. You can organize reviews (level number, region, product, etc.) by filtering them into custom fields. Similar to other assessment management software, it integrates assessment into a single platform.

The next one

Yext is a reputation management software with a review management tool. The platform has a centralized dashboard and brand monitoring features to enable managers to review and manage customer feedback and responses. Yext also offers instant notifications.

A faithful pilot

Trustpilot is a customer experience and reputation management platform that allows brands to manage reviews and share opinions and track them from a centralized view. The platform offers functionality to manage referrals and create widgets from your strong reviews. It also offers an analytics dashboard to help track your performance.

How to find the best assessment management software

Here are some of the most important features to consider when choosing assessment management software

1. Co-working space

A centralized workspace designed for collaboration, such as Sprout, enables teams to work cross-functionally from a single source of truth. It increases efficiency and enables more effective planning within the team. Additionally, integrated features such as automated workflows reduce risk because they add a natural layer of quality assurance.

2. Multi-channel

As we mentioned earlier, gathering feedback across multiple channels is time-consuming. Let the review management software do the heavy lifting and look for platforms that offer multi-channel features.

3. Notifications

When you’re viewing and responding to hundreds of thousands of reviews, you need a review management system that provides a variety of notification settings. Also, look for systems that offer the option of instant delivery of notifications so customers can get timely responses.

4. Integration with other CRMs

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is central to tracking pipeline and revenue, so review management software must integrate with your existing technology stack to create a unified hub for managing customer and prospect information. Combining your existing CRM with review management software will supercharge your customer care strategy.

5. Artificial Intelligence and Automation

As we enter a new era in artificial intelligence, it’s important to consider AI and automated features in assessment management software. Many review management solutions use AI for sentiment analysis and social listening, which can reveal business insights. For example, a social listening question can reveal a common pain point for customers, which helps product teams plan to launch.

6. Multilingual

Choosing multilingual online review management software is an all-around best practice, especially if you’re looking to accommodate an international audience and provide cross-cultural support.

Sprout supports multiple languages ​​for printing and importing messages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Our platform integrates with Google Translate so language is never a barrier when responding to customers.

7. Security and Privacy

As with any new tool, organizations should consider security and privacy features when choosing new assessment management software. Because reviews involve large amounts of customer data, it’s important for businesses to take appropriate steps to prevent breaches. For example, the act of assigning access independently and responsibly can combat potential security risks.

8. Reporting and analysis

Although the reviews themselves contain qualitative data, you’ll want review software that offers reporting and analysis tools to help you bring more context to the feedback. Analytics tools can point to trends so teams can improve their strategies.

9. Flexibility and simplicity

The assessment management software should scale with your growth, from market expansion to adding more employees. When new employees join the organization, it helps to choose user-friendly and intuitive software so that they can use the platform after onboarding.

Choose evaluation management software designed for high-end platforms

Your customer feedback is a valuable resource that you can use to provide a better experience and improve your overall business strategy. Using review management software makes it easy to monitor and manage customer reviews across channels.

To learn more about Sprout Social’s review management tools and features, sign up for a demo.

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