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Graffiti has been reported on the natural rock face along a walking trail in Fort Boreman Park. County officials are looking at camera footage to see if they can determine who did it. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

PARKERSBURG – Fort Borman Park was hit in two places with graffiti and some picnic shelters damaged.

Wood County Maintenance Superintendent Todd Nonmaker appeared before the Wood County Commission on Monday to discuss recent vandalism at the county park.

“We have spray paint on the natural rocks over there,” He said. “Some of the ornate graves were broken in one of the picnic shelters.”

The cost of cutting the caps is about $400 apiece, Nonmaker said, adding that he has the capacity to make four. He needs six to make substitutions.

County officials said they will examine the security camera footage to see if they can identify the people involved.

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The top of one of the supports for a picnic shelter at Fort Boreman Park was removed over the weekend in an act of vandalism. County officials are trying to determine who did it. (Photo by Brett Dunlap)

“I hope our cameras caught something,” said Commission President Blair Koch.

Nonmaker said he would file a police report documenting the incident.

“If we can find someone guilty of this, I want charges pressed,” He said.

Koch said the county will look at upgrading the cameras in the park and looking at high definition cameras and placing them in key areas around the park.

Nonmaker said large stones were smashed over the weekend and he believes the graffiti was painted last Thursday or Friday. The graffiti was on a rock face along a walkway off the boardwalk.

Nonmaker described graffiti as: A quote and some initials.

Maintenance crews would have to blast the rock surface in order to remove the paint.

In other works:

¯ The committee will meet at 9 am today in the commission rooms in order to determine the county tax rate.

¯ The committee will be looking for a new compliance officer. Current Compliance Officer Sarah Robinson has accepted a new job. Commissioners are looking for people with prior law enforcement experience. The Compliance Officer goes out and inspects property that has fallen into disrepair or has an abundance of trash, works with an engineer to determine if structures are safe and determines if the property is habitable. They work with the landlord in an effort to clean up the property. They report to the committee and help facilitate hearings with property owners.

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