Final Fantasy XIV: How To Efficiently Level Up Combat Jobs

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Final Fantasy XIV It is one of the biggest MMORPGs out there. The MMORPG genre is not known as the most respected of the gamer’s time. There is usually such a high expectation from game developers that gamers will go on for weeks and weeks to be ready for gaming content. Final Fantasy XIV It has its own take on the MMORPG genre in more ways than one.

The developers have made sure that there are systems in the game that will allow players of all kinds to level up everything they might need. Some of these systems are less known or even ignored by the average player, and should be used more by those who want to settle for an alternate class. In this leveling guide, we are going to go over a few ways to approach leveling in this amazing MMORPG.

How to upgrade combat jobs efficiently

Before we get into the details, there are a few things that need to be touched upon. Join a Free company It should be at the top of any player’s list. Not only will this allow players to make more friends, but freecompanies also have the ability to activate a handful of buffs for each person on the list. Up to three can be active at once, and the ones that will come in handy for those grinding combat levels are: heat of battleAnd prices drop And Meat and mead respectively.

the Meat and mead Buff will make food effects last longer and combining this with any food you can get will increase your XP gain by 3%! Popular food items in the game to eat are Hard-boiled eggsAnd orange juice And Lowland grapes. When we start talking about other systems in the game, remember that these effects will apply there as well.

Final Fantasy Xiv Fate Official Picture Example


When exploring Eorzea, ongoing global events occur. Looking at the map there are purple circles that pop up on a timer, sometimes counting on another completion Saucepan in the area. See what we mean in the image above.

complete Fates It’s best done at a party, and you can usually find parties settling in Party finder Or even in a chat on the map where you are. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to ask your fellow FC members to join in as well. Gaining experience will be much faster than expected when you find yourself in the full range of wanderings from FATE to FATE.


Each player must already do the daily roulette in the game. If you haven’t, this is your reminder! Besides doing this, you can also queue up any dungeon in the game around your level. Target the queue for dungeons that are at your correct level though as you want to ensure the fastest results. With XP boosts and dungeons lining up at your level, you can expect to level up every two dungeons. If you are reconciling a tank or Healerand introduce yourself to play any of the roulettes on the front page of Duty finder It will also give you a huge boost in experience points.

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Deep dungeon

Deep dungeons It is an untapped side of Final Fantasy XIV. Currently, there are three different versions of Deep Dungeons called Palace of the DeadAnd Heaven in the sky And Eureka Orthos. in Palace of the Dead Players can level up their character classes to level 50. In Heaven in the sky Players can go up to level 80. Finally, V.I Eureka Orthos Players can increase their warriors of light to level 90!

What makes Deep Dungeons unique is that your class inside the dungeons levels up differently than outside in the “real game”. What it allows players to do is get used to the chapter they’re playing easier. So instead of grinding for two days to get to level 50 by doing FATEs and Dungeons, you could play maybe an hour or so in the Deep Dungeon and get to that level.

Dungeons are randomly generated each session. Reaching the 60th floor of the Palace of the Dead will result in players getting the most experience. Once you reach floor 60, you can exit and reset the floor back to 1. Once your class reaches floor 60 outside the Palace of the Dead, you can move up a queue to Heaven on High. Then when the class reaches 80, you can wait in line for Eureka Orthos.

We hope this guide will help you level up Final Fantasy XIV Characters. If there are any other ways that you think are better for leveling, please let us know below!