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TouchBistro POS offers a number of features that help you run your restaurant smoothly and serve diners in an amazing way. The main functions are as follows

Table and reservation management

TouchBistro POS makes it easy to design a floor plan, assign staff to rooms and view seating availability. You can also associate tables with specific locations and block times and dates. Then TouchBistro’s reservation feature lets you book and give waiting guests the kind of treatment they deserve. Know who’s coming to your restaurant and note their allergies, dining preferences and special occasions from their personalized notes.

With TouchBistro POS you can track table status for days, weeks, even months. This way you can prepare for guests. Also, there’s a two-way Short Message Service (SMS) and email communication feature, which lets you remind guests of upcoming reservations and parking instructions, and notify you of changes in plans. However, you will need a Stripe account to process cancellation fees.

Menu management

TouchBistro’s customizable menu management system helps you organize your menu, order specials, sell staples, and manage takeout orders. You can customize your menus with color to remind your employees to pay for certain items or highlight promotions. The detailed menu descriptions and photos help your waiters make personalized recommendations and answer diner questions. To streamline operations and reduce confusion, even for understaffed restaurants, TouchBistro shows you dine-in and takeout orders separately.

You can integrate your menus with your restaurant kitchen hardware to route to specific indoor back stations by item or category. TouchBistro also allows you to add non-food items to your menu, including packaged foods and branded goods.

Order management

TouchBistro’s table ordering, customer facing display (CFD) and kitchen display systems (KDS) combine to help serve guests faster. Clients can review orders on CFD and you can advertise. You can also accept orders for pickup or delivery and set customer expectations in terms of waiting times, closings, delivery limits and fees, accepted payments and promotions on your website, Google My Business profile or social media channels – without paying a commission.

TouchBistro POS enables smooth integration with DoorDash with flat speed per order. TouchBistro’s KDS reinforces the order view and announces new orders with a loud voice to improve order accuracy and increase the timing efficiency of meals and courses. Servers can prioritize tickets by color coding and update tickets using the restaurant’s POS’ drag-and-slide ticketing feature, enhancing communication between front-of-house staff and front-of-house staff.

Payment process

Powered by Chase, TouchBistro Payments gives you the hardware and software to enable guests to pay the way they choose. TouchBistro POS allows you to process debit and credit cards by swiping, swiping or tapping. It also accepts digital payments from Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and customers can make contactless payments at their desks.

With or without internet, TouchBistro POS allows you to continue taking payments, offline payments will be processed once internet is restored. If you check in with Chase Bank, expect a fund deposit the next business day. For other banks, it takes one to four business days. But remember that TouchBistro’s payment processing feature is only available for restaurants in the United States.

Customer management

TouchBistro’s marketing platform integrates seamlessly with POS to automate marketing campaigns that help you better engage with customers. POS collects customers’ phone numbers, email addresses, and birthdays when they sign up for a Customer Web App (CWA) account, which allows them to receive messages, provide feedback, view promotions, and more. You can send customized emails and targeted ads to improve customer relationships and track ad promotions and click-through rates to understand what’s working.

TouchBistro POS has a loyalty feature that helps you convert first-time guests into regular and regular diners into advertisers. Restaurants can create rewarding experiences, such as giving guests loyalty points based on how much they spend or what they buy. It also doubles as a customer relationship management (CRM) platform, capturing details like dining history, food preferences and anniversaries.

Inventory management

TouchBistro POS helps you manage your inventory right down to the specific ingredients of each dish. Add items manually or use a barcode scanner. TouchBistro alerts you when an item is low so you can pull it off the menu and know when to reorder supplies. You can export stock level reports as comma-separated values ​​(CSV) files to generate purchase orders.

However, you’ll need to integrate with suppliers and inventory management providers like Restaurant 365, MarginEdge, Best Control, and Craftable to get advanced inventory and supplier management features, including beverage program management, stock reduction forecasting, and ordering directly from suppliers.

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