Eyewear retailer Zeni seeks optical enhancement with AI and machine learning


Eyewear retailer Zeni Optical is expanding its e-commerce search capabilities by introducing a new image search tool as well as a new order reader tool. Prescription scan..

With the new improved image search, Zeni consumers can upload a photo of their favorite frame from online, print or real life and quickly identify a similar version on Zeni’s website.

“The retail industry is in the midst of an AI revolution, with new innovations and applications emerging every day, and Zeni is at the forefront of investing in new tools to ensure the best shopping experience for our customers,” said David Ting, Zeni’s Chief Technology Officer. Officer, in statement.

How it works

Until then, consumers can upload their inspiration photos in the new capacity. Try it in practice Similar frames before purchase. The “Image Search” icon on the website’s navigation bar will install the new service. Zeni is also offering a number of stock photos that consumers can choose from to get the look they’re looking for.

Second, Zeni’s new tool allows consumers to take a photo of their order and upload it to the site, eliminating the need for manual entry. The order will then be credited to their account for up to two years.

These two capabilities are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve customer experience and enhance the overall experience.

“We continue to streamline the discovery and purchase process to make it easier than ever for our customers to find and purchase the perfect stylish and affordable Zeni frames for any occasion,” Zeni CEO Julia Zhen said in a statement. Our new image search and prescription scanning tools help customers have a faster and smoother shopping experience, enhancing the overall customer experience.

“We know that image search is very important to today’s customer, especially Gen Z, so image search helps address real needs and prescription scanning helps our customers move through the purchasing process faster and without friction,” added Ting.

Many retailers are making significant improvements to their virtual testing capabilities.

Last year, for example, Walmart zoned in on personalization Be your own modelIt allows consumers to choose from 50 models between 5’2′-6’0″ height and sizes XS – XXXL to best represent their height, body shape and skin tone and show how an item will look on them. And Levi Strauss and Company It is currently using artificial intelligence to create virtual avatars to increase the diversity of the company’s human models and enhance the user experience.

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