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New for the 2023/24 Premier League season, Wolves’ official ticketing system, offering a purchase service online and at the Molineux ticket office, will be powered by Ticketmaster Sports.

Replacing Seatgic, which has been providing Wolves ticketing services for recent years, Ticketmaster Sports now offers software to sell all types of tickets exclusively to Wolves fans and improve the club’s short and long term service. [FAQs: click here].

The first launch took place on Monday the 3rd.rd July and eticketing.co.uk/wolves Wolves’ online ticketing is a new-look home, while the in-person Molineux option remains unchanged, with both services being run full-time by Wolves members.

Commenting on the software change, James Davies, head of Wolves Ticketing, said: “We ended our contract with our previous supplier and after looking at the options in the market for the last 12 months, we came to Ticketmaster Sports. As our preferred supplier.

“Ticketmaster is a name that people know well and offers us the benefits of a global infrastructure. Ticketmaster Sports is a long-established sports ticketing software provider, and they offer a unique white-label software product that goes beyond football, both online and in-person.

Wolves have signed a multi-year deal with Ticketmaster Sports, giving Davies and the ticketing team an exciting opportunity to shape the system and provide fans with the smoothest possible buying experience.

The initial release period, however, is intended to be seamless. He believes membership sales, season tickets, the club’s Molineux friendly against Stade Rennes and the start of the Premier League campaign will pose few hurdles for fans.

He said: “Fans still go to the Wolves website and access it from there eticketing.co.uk/wolvesAlthough it is powered by Ticketmaster Sports software, it is not the general Ticketmaster website that people use to buy theater or concert tickets, for example. We previously had the same arrangement that SeatGeek offered us – a website and back office ticketing product powered by SeatGeek, and now we’ve moved to Ticketmaster Sports.

“The back office won’t change – the ticket office will stay the same. The staff will stay the same, they won’t be replaced by Ticketmaster staff, so no callers will go to the call center, they’ll still come to the Wolves ticket office. As opposed to using the SeatGeek software, we simply use the Ticketmaster software to do our day-to-day work.”

“From a fans’ point of view, there shouldn’t be much noticeable difference. We still don’t charge booking or administration fees for home tickets or season tickets. Fees apply to away player tickets because the revenue is not ours – we pay through sales and posting – but that remains unchanged. Buy Site – Sells tickets only to Wolverine fans.

Last season Ticketmaster Sports provided services to four Premier League clubs, including Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur, and Wolves are among a number of new partners whose ticketing service will work with nine top-flight clubs in the 2023/24 season.

Improvements to Wolves’ system will be made over time, with Ticketmaster Sports introducing new tools and software to provide a safer, easier and more comprehensive ticketing experience, something Davies believes will benefit the club moving forward.

“We want to dispel any fears fans may have. This website will be more straightforward for fans, with travel streamlined from selecting a ticket and the check-in process is one page, rather than multiple pages that are part of the process. Managing your account is easy and we offer current ticket holders the opportunity to resell their seats.

“Fans who buy tickets for Molineux online will see a 3D plan of their choice. We will have options to promote digital tickets, so fans can email tickets and download them to Apple’s Google Wallet. We are also planning to implement Apple Pay – another feature we haven’t had before, so the service will be very high.” The situation will improve.

The move from SeatGeek to Ticketmaster Sports was made by prioritizing the security of fan data, which meant that certain saved data and information was not transferred.

As a result, fans can make their next purchases from eticketing.co.uk/wolves If you wish, you will need to manually enter certain details before you choose to save information.

It said: “For security reasons, payment card numbers saved from the previous site are not exported from SeatGeek. Therefore, when customers make a purchase on the new site for the first time, they must fill in their card details and save again.

“Similarly, we haven’t removed links from the friends and family option, where you can link accounts and buy tickets, so when fans first use the new site, they’ll need to add friends and family back to their accounts. Time is a thing.

Click here for information on the Friends and Family option.

Outdoor ticket renewal and membership and invitations started on Wednesday 5Th About 5,000 fans entered July eticketing.co.uk/wolves, and a positive first sales experience was given to fans, few cases were reported. That gave Davis his latest move on the road.

“Next week we’ll continue with Stade Rennes tickets, Manchester United away tickets and Brighton at home. That’s when fans will start to realize they have a reason to go to the site. Then once the initial rollout is complete, we can work to implement further improvements to the service we offer.”

Tickets are available at eticketing.co.uk/wolves and at the Molineux ticket office. For FAQs, click here.

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