Enjoy a 4-day work week with these 8 jobs

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For decades, people have been used to working five days a week. But now, some workers are discovering a better schedule. Working four days a week can provide employees with more flexibility and a better work-life balance.

A six-month trial run in the UK by 61 companies last year found that a four-day workweek did not negatively affect revenue. In some cases, the flow of money has actually increased. In addition, employees reported being happier and less stressed when working the four-day schedule.

You don’t have to wait for four-day work weeks to become the norm. Here are eight types of jobs that actually offer shorter work weeks. These types of situations may be Reduce your financial stress And reduce your work schedule at the same time.

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1. Customer Service and Sales

Customer service is all about taking care of the most important customers in every business. These types of jobs make up one of the most popular forms of employment in the United States

Millions of Americans work in this field. Even better, there are options for the four-day work week.

For example, a car company in Vienna, Virginia, recently posted an advertisement for a customer service representative with at least a year of experience. The job promised a four-day work schedule.

Cintas also posted an ad for a sales representative in Columbus, Ohio, for a four-day work week job with no weekend shifts.

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2. Driver

Anything that needs to get from point A to point B requires a driver. This includes groceries and packages, but it also applies to those who need a ride via Lyft or Uber.

Member of the Amazon Delivery Service Partner Program in Antioch, Tennessee Recently posted for an able-bodied driver who can lift packages up to 50 lbs and can work four days a week.

Another company in Omaha, Nebraska, required a driver to transport auto parts during a four-day work week.

3. Factory worker

Factory jobs require working in a manufacturing environment where you take raw materials and make a finished product that people can buy. These jobs cover a lot of industries, from automobiles to electronics to food. Operating machines are often involved.

A beverage manufacturer has placed an ad for a new machine operator to work the night shift in Random Lake, Wisconsin, four days a week.

Another company in South Portland, Maine, asked people to join its production team to put products together during a four-day work week.

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4. Fitness factor

Fitness functions are great for people who want to keep moving, enjoy the outdoors, or both. For obvious reasons, these positions tend to be more physically demanding than sitting behind a desk.

Coaches and educators can work almost anywhere. A swimming school in San Diego has placed an ad for a tutor to create their own lessons and teach whenever they want.

For less traditional fitness jobs, a ranch-style hotel in Mount Carmel, Utah, asked applicants for an equestrian trail guide three or four work days a week.

5. Freelance editor or writer

Writers and editors ensure that everything written shines. They revise, revise, and create, usually during a tight deadline.

Both roles require you to be a master of written language, and to follow each client’s specific style guidelines. There are plenty of remote opportunities for freelance editors and writers, and being a freelancer means you pretty much set your work schedule.

Pro tip: If you can’t find a suitable job with a four-day work week, create your own role. Start a side hustle or find another way Earn extra money That could eventually turn into your main job – and one where you set the schedule.

6. Health worker

The healthcare industry is vast and always in need of good workers. From dentists to nurses to technicians, there is likely to be a place for you if you meet the qualifications.

A dental practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana, recently requested a registered dental hygienist for $40 an hour with four-day work weeks.

A veterinary hospital in Coniver, Colorado has placed an advertisement for a certified technician to work four days a week.

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7. Assistant teacher

A teacher’s assistant, or aide, is exactly what it sounds like. These workers mainly help teachers to fulfill their responsibilities.

A school in Jersey City, NJ, has posted an Assistant Teacher position with an Associate’s degree and two years of experience in a childcare setting over the course of a four-day work week.

A school district in Harrisburg, Oregon recently required a High School Student Support Assistant with a High School Diploma to join the team over the course of four work weeks.

8. Technical worker

Technology remains one of the hottest career fields in the world.

These jobs typically have more higher education and certification requirements than some of the other positions on this list. On the plus side, the jobs pay well and there are often remote options.

A company recently asked for applicants for the position of Senior Developer. The role requires experience with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and the promise of flexible remote working shifts and four day work weeks.

Another company in Austin, Texas, posted an advertisement for an experienced FileMaker developer four days a week.

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There are multiple benefits to the four-day work week. You may like the flexibility that comes with this schedule, especially if you have other commitments, such as raising children.

Or maybe you I hope he retires earlybut they are willing to compromise by switching from working five days a week to working four days a week.

Four-day work weeks may not become the norm anytime soon, but there is a trend growing in that direction. There are options today if you know where to find them.

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