End of federal covid-19 public health emergency (PHE) declaration


May 11, 2023, is the end of the federal COVID-19 PHA declaration. After this date, CDC’s authorization to collect certain types of public health information will expire.

The United States has assembled a historic response to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a nation, we find ourselves at a different stage in the pandemic now with more tools and resources than ever before to better protect ourselves and our communities.

CDC has been working for several months to fold the agency’s COVID-19 emergency response functions into existing structures and programs, as part of an ongoing transition to sustainable public health practices. The agency is working with partners, states and local jurisdictions to prepare for the end of the PHE statement and introduce updated reporting requirements and competencies.

While the frequency and source of data for some measurements will change when the PHE statement ends, the CDC will continue to report important data to inform individual and community health actions to protect those at high risk of severe COVID-19. Our priority is to provide the necessary information to protect the public health of the country.

What does the end of PHE mean to you?

Monitoring the impact of COVID-19 and the effectiveness of prevention and control strategies is a public health priority. With the end of the Covid-19 PHA declaration, some parameters will remain the same, but some will change in frequency, source or availability. This is partly because the authority to collect and receive certain types of information changes. CDC continues to provide sustainable, high-impact, and timely information to inform decision-making.

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