Employees are still looking for new jobs even though they believe they have lost ground in the labor market

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Employees Are Still Looking For New Jobs Even Though They Believe They Have Lost Ground In The Labor Market

As we enter the second quarter of the new year a report from Musa It shows that workers change their workplace values, and the results are interesting.

The report showed that 75% of respondents plan to look for a new job in the next 12 months, (highest 10% from last year) although more than half also believe they have less market power than in the past few years. A possible explanation for this is that employees increasingly place a value on work-life balance, and are willing to look everywhere to get it.

“One takeaway from this survey is that the number one reason employers lose top talent today is because they neglect to show how their company supports flexibility and work-life balance, which 70% of job seekers say is their top priority when considering a new business,” she said. Catherine Mincio, CEO and Co-Founder of Muse, in a press release shared with ESSENCE.”The Muse was created specifically to solve this challenge, as it is the only values-based job search platform where employers can leverage the three most important factors job searchers say. Business They look at it to determine if the role is a good fit: employee-verified certifications, in-depth job descriptions, and details of perks and benefits.”

About 70% of job seekers said a working life is important, and 26% also said that a lack of flexibility and the lack of the option to work remotely could lead them to quit their jobs.

The report evaluated the survey response of 7,000 employees and job seekers.