Email unsubscribe services are not working properly. Instead, follow this (free) advice.


Once you’ve submitted your email address, companies often use it as a universal gateway to your inbox: think shopping sites that send account updates, deals, “we’ve got you covered” messages and holiday promotions throughout the year. It’s too much.

Email “unsubscribe” services promise to get rid of unwanted emails with the click of a button, and they claim to help you avoid the tedious task of deleting individual messages. However, these services promise more than they deliver. As annoying as it may seem, you’re probably better off clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link instead of signing up for a new service.

We do not recommend emailing the Services to unsubscribe. Ask for payment or change your personal data. We found it Subpar performance. In our testing, it took us days, even weeks, to see any tangible results from enabling one of these services—and even then we got zero, not a few, spam emails.

The unsubscribe tools we tested create email rules or filters that send unwanted messages to subfolders in your email box or simply put them in the trash, where they take up valuable storage space. Some services claim to block emails from reaching your inbox by telling senders that your address is undeliverable. But in our experience, the emails keep coming.

Although it takes a little work, you can set up similar processes yourself – for free. And we can show you how.

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