Elmbrook Board for Education examines Brookfield and Swanson Elementary playground projects | Waukesha County News

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BROOKFIELD – The Elmbrook Board of Education will discuss playground improvements for Brookfield and Swanson Elementary Schools.

At the March 21 board meeting, facilities manager Rick Domash brought the item up for discussion with the board, and action is now scheduled.

Defines the region’s long-term capital financing strategy and plans maintenance and capital projects over a 10-year period. The plan includes funding sources with the aim of avoiding borrowing or a referendum. The district allocates at least $2.3 million annually during the budgeting process to plan for expenditures.

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The Brookfield Elementary Playground project is estimated at $55,000 and the Swanson Playground project is valued at $100,000. Planning options will be submitted to students, families and staff for input into the final design after board approval. The Swanson Elementary Playground project involves replacing playground equipment with both standard and ADA accessible equipment. Also replace the ADA path to access equipment. The project cost is estimated at $100,000.

Also on the agenda for the board meeting is a tribute to Jennifer Roskopf who has worked in the Elmbrook School District for three years. Her last day is April 23.

The Board meeting is held at 6 pm on Tuesdays in the District Office, Lancer/Spartan Conference Room.