Educational stalemate continues with the House and Senate on various pages about the negotiations

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KOKH- It’s Deadline Week at the Capitol. The bills had to get them out of their corresponding chamber committees by Thursday.

While many different topics are covered, education is at a standstill.

House and Senate leadership and the governor have met several times this week to discuss the education plan moving forward.

While there are talks, this does not necessarily mean that they are closer to a conclusion.

“He took all the air out of the room on all of the other negotiations without a doubt,” said Senate Pro Team Chairman Greg Treat, (R)-OKC.

While this is the opinion of Pro Tem, the House Speaker said otherwise.

“I think we always find a way. That wasn’t the only thing that took up our time this week,” McCall said.

Not only are there disagreements over the education plan, but also over how the education negotiations should proceed.

“I thought things were positive and I hope the Senate leadership conveys that to their members,” said Speaker McCaul.

President Pro Tem Treat has a different take on the mood for the talks, “I don’t feel very optimistic this week based on progress, but we’re in April and we’ve been through enough of this that we’re going to make significant progress hopefully.”

There are some points of contention between the two boards including the teacher’s salary, the family income cap on the private education tax credit and how the money should be distributed to urban and rural public school districts.

Both Houses are adamant they are open to negotiations, Treatment saying nothing is up for discussion, and McCall saying they are willing to concede.

We may have updates on the plan soon. The Speaker said he hoped to conclude the negotiations next week.